Playboy settles model's backside golf-injury lawsuit


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My hiney hurts just looking at that.


For once I’m not gonna quote Super Chicken and tell her she knew the job was dangerous when she took it. 'Cause really, no job description ever included being a human divot.


Injury and damages? To the dignity of everyone involved, surely.


From the crease on her butt and the motion of her butt on impact I think the “damage” is to the implant in there…


Hey! That is not how you use butts! Stop using butts in a way that makes people sad, Playboy! :pensive:


I must be getting old because to me this was the most inappropriate-sounding thing in the whole article.


Dayam. I’ve had some bad bruises from hockey pucks before, but holy hell, it’s her entire butt cheek!


Damn. Playboy just keeps getting less and less sexy with each news cycle. At this rate, they’ll become the poster child for abstinence only sex ed.


I think the worst injury was to her pride with the golfer called her a “fore”. In the follow up interview she said she’d always thought of herself as at least an 8 or a 9!


The graphic photo of the injury strikes me (!) as more or less NSFW, but graphic? It’s a bruise. Wanna see graphic? Crack a skin disease textbook sometime.


The poor woman. Looks like she was in obvious pain and distress.


It didn’t look like he swung that hard, but damn that was a serious bruise.

Having said that - $500k? For a bruised butt?


Minus half for lawyers.

But yes, I think that is a bit much. Then again that is a bad bruise. On the other hand, she willingly did it. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. Or $500k. If I didn’t have nerve damaging tumors in my buttocks I would give it a go for $500k. Maybe hold it with my teeth? I could use a new set anyway.


You don’t even want to know some of the ways they are used in Flynt Publications.


Hustler was like the best porno in the late 90s. I assume it is even worse now…


In all fairness it wasn’t exactly a run-of-the-mill butt. I don’t know what yours looks like, but comparing her derriere to mine would be like comparing a used pickup truck to a new Ferrari.

(Edit: well, the other way around. You get the idea)


If your job is looking good naked then being injured and bruise will affect your income.

But where is that amount coming from? The terms of the settlement are not disclosed…


“Fore?” That was clearly an “Aft.”


FTFY, unless your butt is a whole lot fancier than I’ve been imagining.

Which is, of course, entirely possible.

Is it?

C’mon, is it?