Plumbers find gold brick while renovating bathroom


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For once, goldbricking on the job was actually a good thing.


Obligatory addition to every plumber’s manual from now on:

If you find a gold brick in the rubble put it in your tool belt. Don’t mention it to the homeowner. Gold bricks are a job perk.


So that’s where I left it!


Owner had no idea the brick was there. Probably the guy who lived there previously & passed away.


Is this what they mean by first world problems? :wink:


More bathroom bricks soon to be found when plumber informs his boss and/or wife.


So, does this make the plumbers aurors?


"The homeowners had previously searched their bathroom for the lost treasure and said they were thrilled to be reunited with the missing chunk of change. "

…and promptly threw it onto their pile of gold bars accumulating in the corner of their living room.


More like 1% of the first world problems.


damn, I forgot to move that to the hidden safe at the other house.


I’m sure he did. That’s what I’d do.


Damn, those are some honest plumbers.


Yea that’s it! I lost that gold brick, it was mine, I swear. In… the… bathroom. Wh-why was it there? Not telling!


“…showed the brick to the homeowner”?


I think these days they’re mostly cupers, farriers, and polyers. I do reckon there’s a bunch south of the equator that are Argentinians.


eh, it was probably mostly tungsten, anyhow


This throws a kink in the home owner’s insurance fraud stolen gold brick claim…they would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling plumbers!


I’d love to find a gold brick amongst the rubble of my belongings. But that’s a pipe dream.


Plumber… finds gold… amidst rubble… was his name Mario?