Plungers are disgusting so the Toiletsaber is changing the toilet clearing game

Don’t forget the integrated vape pen and weed grinder.

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Plungers are nowhere near as disgusting as an immersion blender.

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i guess i can’t just write that because the BBS software rejects it as a sentence fragment?!

Is this a problem peculiar to North America? I’ve never had a toilet clog, living in both Australia and the UK.

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I want a ToiletZweihänder. The longer it is, the better.


I’m not even going to ask…

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I’ve heard that US toilets are ‘different’ in some way, but I’m not sure exactly how. Same here otherwise, I live in the UK and a toilet clog is only a problem ever few years.
Admittedly one of our loos seems to have an amazing property of funnelling the flush around whatever is in the bowl, so it sometimes need a second flush to completely empty.

Sabers end lives, plungers save them.


Either a “slim jim” or “lock snake”, from my experience.

Our drainage pipes are narrower.


It’s connected to consumption of vegemite/marmite. That stuff creates self-propelled turds.


Americans eat far too little fiber, so when matter IS produced, it has potentially catastrophic volume! I suggest more of a toilet super highway style commode. Less clogs and no need for disgusting pushers, hooks, or hammers.

If we can’t have flying cars, at least let us have commodes capable of clearing clogs at the push of a button. Toilet heal thyself!

If you really want to know…

(Post is very NSFL)

I keep a turd tulwar, a mist messer, and a scheiße schiavona

Damn you! That is something that I really didn’t need to know. It was easy enough not to google, but my twisted curiosity couldn’t resist if it was as easy as following a provided link…

and he posted pictures…

Anyone have any Eye Bleach?

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just get a bucket of water get on a chair and aim the contents at the bowl trying to get into the middle of the situation and dump as fast as you can allow it…


aren’t those waste blenders in kitchen sinks popular in the US? why not have them in the toilets?


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