Podcast: man recounts getting mauled by a grizzly bear

Originally published at: Podcast: man recounts getting mauled by a grizzly bear | Boing Boing

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Never forget…



I would feel bad for him if he had not gone in looking to kill stuff in the first place. Sow/reap/repeat

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Why can’t I heed warnings like this? That last pic was Crazy-AF! I’m surprised he didn’t loose that eye, after looking at his shredded face. I feel lucky just to not be Evans ATM…

Edit: ran across a video just now that literally said:

And I swiped away because of this post. Domo Domo, Mark! ^_____^


There’s something extremely Canadian about getting mauled by a bear, breaking into a cabin looking for a radio to call for help, not finding one, and leaving a note apologizing for the mess.


Three takeaways having {shudder} viewed the IG pics :

  1. Bears are next-level badasses capable of unimaginable damage
  2. We are amazingly resilient creatures
  3. Modern medical science can be borderline miraculous

Yikes. Just…YIKES.


Yeah, the first few images I was like, “Dude can’t be too bad, he’s writing a freaking book.” Then…

apocalypse now horror GIF by Maudit

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