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“Good Christian Fun” Is this an oxymoron?


Is their slogan “Feeling good about feeling bad about feeling good”?


That’s old age your describing there.


Good Christian Fun reminds me of a humorous old website about “technical virginity” which I am sure this podcast is NOT about


Indeed, fertile ground for entertaining commentary. The fundamentalist’s tack seem to be with young people that they generate awkward and unsatisfying clones of the Devil-tainted pop culture their kid’s classmates are enjoying so they can get in on the fun.


And I mean, Christian Rock music itself… Whew.


I wonder if the creators of the podcast have any connection to the publishers of The Wittenburg Door



Is that anything to do with this?


No, it was long before the fabulous Garfunkel and Oates did this one. Pretty much the same notion, though, lol


I had no idea that was filmed! I’ve always loved the novel!


The guy on the left must be the most Christian-looking person I’ve ever seen.


Aw I’m so glad this podcast is getting attention! I didn’t even grow up with this stuff (except for accidentally downloading some Relient K while searching for new pop punk when I was a cool teen in the early days of music downloading) but I still listen … religiously (ba dum tss). I started listening because I was a dedicated Gilmore Guys listener (Kevin’s old podcast), I can’t recommend it enough.


I had enough of Christian “culture” growing up in Alabama, so no thanks.


Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of Christian themed music?


I’ve heard of kids managing to keep their Manic Street Preachers albums and singles in the 1990s after their fundamentalist parents decided to purge the rest of their music collections.


Haha! This is rich :smile:


When it comes to christian pop culture reviews, I’m more of a Bible Reloaded and God Awful Movies kind of guy, having been subjected to this landscape for my whole childhood.


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