Police Officer sued for flipping the car of a pregnant woman

Deja vu all over again.


Why it’s almost like people aren’t listening to me on this issue? But that can’t be it? /s

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Stop. This is not just a southern problem. Cops are vicious thugs EVERYWHERE.

Yep, that was an attempt to emphasize that this happened somewhere that one might have concluded was much more liberal etc. but apparently I was not clear enough.

Can I assume you’re white? Because that, and having a passenger (also white and a man?) is likely what saved you.

I’m pretty sure of that as well. My passenger was/is Indian, and he probably spotted her rather than me on the initial decision to stop me.

Again, this is not just a problem in “conservative” areas. it’s a national problem that can happen and does happen in every place in America. Just because you might not see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Which again, if true, highlights my first point.

The more people in elite, blue enclaves believe it’s a problem of other places that aren’t as “enlightened” as their communities are, the farther away we get to solving these issues. It’s an all hands on deck issue. :woman_shrugging: None of us can pass the buck here.



Though previously i’d have been of the mind that they cared about the fetus right up to the instant it was born then no more… But this seems like you’re more correct it seems, they just want to control females :confused:


That’s the end goal, rebuilding up the control over women that feminists have managed to challenge over the past century or more. That’s why there is not compromising with them, because the goal isn’t really about “saving babies” but about keeping women “in their proper place.”


Yes, I’m in strong agreement to all of this; I apparently am not being vehement enough in my language. It should not be happening, period; it’s an attempt to say, living in a “nice place” is absolutely no guarantee that the cops are not jackbooted thugs just looking for an excuse to jackboot.

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