Police Officer sued for flipping the car of a pregnant woman

So, police only abuse their power in the south now? When has that ever been the case?

Also, it’s in Arkansas, so… I realize it’s hard to tell all us apart down here, but maybe try a bit?


My guess (from the comfort of my couch in a prosperous part of germany, so take everything I say with a grain of salt) is that it has to do with the ridiculous amount of guns. The end result is a failed police who are too scared to do actual policing. Lots of other reasons probably. But I can’t really imagine wanting to be a cop in the US…


The burning question for me is…where is this congested traffic the officer is speaking of?


ACAB, Just throw them all out.


As someone who has lived through a roll-over accident seeing this takes my breath away - and seeing the flipped car is pretty triggering too


thanks I hate it

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At the risk of taking hyperbole seriously, attempted murder requires that the action is intended to cause death. That would be absurdly easy to defend against for a (unfortunately) common police procedure, so why waste money bringing the charge?

I noticed something else no one has mentioned. He immediately goes to her car and has her get out of the vehicle. She’s just been in a rollover accident. He has no idea if she’s hurt or not. He didn’t appear to do anything to assess her injuries. And yet he had her move. Aren’t you supposed to not do that?


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Its total “authoritah” time with this guy. He keeps droning on about what a righteous man he is for attempting to murder her. Just a thick clod of a human being. He even has to drone to the other cops: “She just wouldnt stop.” Obviously, somewhere, there is a spark in his ham-brain that he is in error, but he keeps tamping it down atomic denial.


The most sickening part was his justifying violence with “I didn’t know what was going on in there”.


I had an interesting experience in a relatively upper-class and expensive area where I used to rent a condo. I was driving home, sedately, at about 5 under the limit, in my not-expensive, older car, because I knew that the local cops liked giving out speeding tickets.

So a police car comes up behind me, lights on, in the right lane. I figure, huh, must be an emergency. I certainly haven’t done anything wrong. I’m coming up to the stop sign for my apartment, so I slow down and signal the right turn, figuring, he’ll go around. He does not go around. I think, wow, must be an emergency in the condos. I’d better turn in and pull over to clear the road, and at the same moment my passenger said “must be something wrong in the complex, we’d better pull in and get out of his way”. So I do.

He pulled in after me and stopped. We’re both thinking “WTF?”. Then he came up to the window, and told me he was going to ticket me for going through a stop sign. I took a very deep breath, paused, and then said, “Officer, when I got my license, they taught me that the law was that if an emergency vehicle comes up behind you with its lights on on and it doesn’t pass you, there is an emergency and you are in the way. You are required by law to clear the way for an emergency vehicle, including going through stop signs or a red lights as necessary when safe to do so. As you can see, this is a right turn onto a one-way driveway.” My passenger chimed in and said, “Yes, we thought there was an emergency and had to get out of your way. And we’ll be more than happy to tell that to a judge.”

He fumbled for words for a second and then asked me where I was going. “Well, sir, I’m going home, which is about fifty feet from here.”

License and registration. Fine. Here you go. He walked back to his car, and was gone a while. When he finally came back, he did not give me a ticket. Or a written warning. He did, however, awkwardly give me a verbal warning about turning through stop signs without a full stop. I of course agreed and said thanks, since it was obvious at this point that he’d screwed this up and we all knew it.

My having a witness in the car who had the presence of mind to mention that we’d be fine letting the judge sort it out was probably the only reason that he didn’t do anything that would officially record that it happened.

Please note this was in California, in Silicon Valley. Definitely not in the South. I suppose elsewhere he probably would have shot me and then claimed I was “aggressive”.


Because he’s a cop and qualified immunity puts cops above the law. US law enforcement is a legalized criminal syndicate.


He could have easily overtaken her and wedged her in and forced her to stop her car.

He chose the dangerous option and without knowing if there were children in the car. And then he did not render aid correctly or exercise his duty of care.

On the other hand, she may have slowed a bit, but she was clearly going pretty fast. If she had been going slower she wouldn’t have rolled.

Can she though? Will anything change from this? At the end of the article:

“Though police reportedly plan to fight the lawsuit, the outcome is unlikely to have a personal impact on Dunn as Arkansas law means he is immune from any personal responsibility for his actions.”

As far as I can see, none of my searches turned this story up in national news like CNN.


Correct. Have you considered a career in law enforcement?

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Stop. This is not just a southern problem. Cops are vicious thugs EVERYWHERE.

Can I assume you’re white? Because that, and having a passenger (also white and a man?) is likely what saved you.


Wait. You mean Minneapolis isn’t in the South?!? /s


Lots of places that have problems with racism and police brutality aren’t in the south! Shocking, I know! It’s almost like it’s a nation-wide problem or something! But that can’t be it? It’s just us backwards ignorant hicks that are the problem or so I’m told here over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.