Police sketch of serial killer unlike him




oddly different from this one. http://www.genomenewsnetwork.org/articles/06_03/serial.shtml

also, note that this happened in 2003.


For what it is, I think it looks strikingly like him. Keep in mind that composite sketches are based on witnesses’ descriptions, not photos, yet it still gets the hairline, narrow ears, broad nose, overall face shape, and neck thickness right. Except for the eyes he nailed it.



Well obviously he washed off all that gaudy lipstick, foundation and eyeliner after the crime spree. Not sure how he got his eyebrows to grow back in so quickly though.


I’d agree. The sketch looks a lot more like him than it does, say, me.


If you went based just on the eyes, you might end up arresting Marty Feldman.


I’m not sure why the sketch artist went with big googly eyes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they just kind of suck at their job, and probably the witnesses weren’t very reliable.


The relaxed face not necessarily resembling the stressed, “I’m gonna fuck you up face.”


[quote=“chromecoat, post:9, topic:40152, full:true”]
The relaxed face not necessarily resembling the stressed, “I’m gonna fuck you up face.”
[/quote]War face


I’m going with “suspect sketching is a lost art” and this image was generated in a crude 2003-era digital version of Mr. Potato Head, where you can pick from a bunch of stock face parts and hope for the best. Uncanny valley ahoy!


This always seems to happen - the only really good composite sketch was Keyser Soze, and it was ten seconds too late.


This almost certainly correct—the “sketch” was produced by Identikit or one of its equivalents. The apparently made-up (as in heavy makeup, not invented) eyes are weird, though.



I thought image one was a young Grace Jones. I guess it is the make up.


I’m astounded that the sketch manages to be recognizably similar to the face of the accused, who is presumably a human being, while at the same time resembling nothing human whatsoever.


That’s just how we look to the Lizard-people, man.


Are these ever accurate?

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