Police sued after horse drools on protestor


It might have been nice to have the foot-crushing bit in the headline.


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Well, that’s kind of the point, right? It’s a commentary on how easily people get outraged about other people’s attempt to be made whole.

We are very quick to jump to “Why is that idiot being allowed to get away with this?” instead of “Surely there has to be more to the story.”

c.f. McDonald’s Hot Coffee woman. among others.


Bloody hell - the comments on the Adelaide now website make me want to move further away from Adelaide.

It’s impressive how the article slowly reveals the full extent of damage involved.

“dribbled on and suffered a swollen foot”… sheesh, that’s worth a lawsuit?
“soft tissue damage to my foot”… wait… that sounds more serious…
“wasn’t able to work for six or seven weeks”… uh, even if it was exaggerated, that sounds MUCH more…
“suffered a fractured collarbone in the incident”… you waited to almost the end of the article to mention this???


It was the second person filing the suit that had a broken collarbone. But yes, having had a broken collarbone… that should have been listed first. That hurts. Breathing too deeply, laughing, being startled, all incredibly painful. The laughing/startled part make watching TV a potential hazard.

I got run off the road by horse cops at a critical mass once. It was definitely pretty scary.

Never look a police horse in the mouth.

Or get too close to its hooves, apparently.

Perhaps it was just an arsehole horse… I grew up with one that was quite fond of stepping on feet and then leaning in against ya.

Horse weighs eight to ten times what you do. Horse approaches: Move away. Unless you get caught between it and a wall or something, pretty damn hard to get stepped on.

Kind if like getting your foot run over, you have to work hard at it in most circumstances. (And yes, I’ve worked with horses and had one try to step on my foot deliberately while I was trying to groom it…i discovered I had retractable toes…grin)

He was protesting. Presumably it’s not that hard to be injured by a horse when a policeman is guiding it toward you, and you are trying to stand your ground.


There are TV shows that evoke laughter now? I had no idea.

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The critical but oft-overlooked difference between “after” and “because” is frequently exploited in such reporting.

“…trying to stand your ground.”

See my weight ratio of human to horse. Do do something foolish and get a
crushed foot. This isn’t Tien An Men square so I doubt he was protesting
something worth his pain and injuries and so I at least wish him the joy of
his suffering for whatever cause he felt was worth it. That and the check
he no doubt will happily cash once a settlement is reached will ease his
troubled soul no end.

The point of the lawsuit is that the (Australia) Victorian police are increasingly using horses offensively against protesters. The idea that you can simply move out of the way when police are charging horses at you is a little fanciful.
The issue that he (and I and many others) were protesting was the Australian government’s disgraceful treatment of refugees - our government locks up asylum seekers indefinitely, deports them to malaria infested jails in third world countries, and forces them into ever increasingly dangerous journeys to get here, resulting in hundreds of deaths - all for the crime of being the victims of wars that Australia has been a part of or governments Australia supports.
I know the victim has been to many other refugee rights protests since, so, yes, he does think the cause is worth it.

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I am about as far away as it’s possible to get from Adelaide without the aid of a space-program. It’s nee better like.

Victim-blaming? In a thread about injuries received from the police? I am shocked. Shocked!

‘Two Individuals Injured in Police Cavalry Charge’

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