Protesters Throw Rocks at Police Horses Outside Trump Rally in Albuquerque


Dude. Not cool. Protests are fine albeit weird against someone just running for office, but I draw the line at attacking animals.


Indeed. It’s not the fault of the horses they are being used to silence the people for the Drumpf!



I just realized that if police always confronted protesters while mounted on horses, I would never excuse any violence against them. Anyone who threw a single rock at a horse would immediately lose all credibility in my book.

For some reason, someone throwing a rock at a cop with a shield up is something I can come up with some vague justifications for. Throwing a rock at a cop on a horse? You have to be a completely morally bankrupt individual.


What the unhappy fuck?!?


It’s not like the horses had any choice in being there or even being designated as “police officers.”


Stamp once to affirm your desire to stay on the force, Mr. Ed.


R.I.P Alan Young :cry:


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