Politician proudly displays own penis in campaign ad

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I dunno from this guy, but it sure beats sheepishly displaying their own penis in a twitter picture, so at least there’s that!

Also, his name is an anagram for “Wang jerkin’ hero.”


I initially read that as “Putin proudly displays own penis in campaign ad” and was not phased.


'Pretty certain that’ll be the gayest thing I see today.

Definitely more impressive than Uncle Silas.


He’s pretty darn physically fit for 52, I’ll give him that. Fit for public office? I leave to the people of Copenhagen to decide.

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Is he campaigning for erection?

Seems like a bit of a limp campaign right now, but let’s see if he rises up to the occasion.


I’d totally vote for him.

Also, points for dispelling gun owners have small dicks.

I’m surprised that we got 9 posts in without mention of the revolver. Not sure about the hammer being in that position, though maybe I’m going off half-cocked…

(What? the door’s that way you say? [shuffle, shuffle, shuffle…])


whelp, he’d get my vote.

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This is the first political ad that I found easy to fap to.


The first word that came to my mind were “That’s not a knife…that’s a knife.”

Danish politician looks at America: “That’s not how you post dick pics…that’s how you post dick pics.”

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Gun control is penis envy?

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