Poll has Britons in full-throated approval of Corbynism (if not Corbyn)

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Hard Right Daily Mirror? Say whut? The Mirror is a mainstream Labour paper through and through. A tabloid, yes, but it’s not hard right, nowhere near.


Since Cory’s position is that the mainstream Labour Party has been right wing for years, the Daily Mirror, which has supported the Labour Part for years, is hard right. I have no idea if that assessment is accurate, because I’m not that conversant on British politics, but that’s Cory’s reasoning.


Super-tiny error: think you mean “party of principle”…

Though it might be nice to have a Labour principal (in the sense of a PM) sometime too :wink:


I think Cory’s confused the Mirror with the Mail.

Don’t read the Mirror but I understood it to be centre/left leaning.


You rationalise and infer too much by trying to explain what you believe to be his ‘reasoning’. I prefer the cock-up (accident) over the conspiracy (thought-through) - i.e. Cory’s famous attention to detail and hyperbole getting the better of him.

Daily Mirror? Hard-right? That would mean there are no words to describe the Daily Torygraph or Daily Heil.


You dont say…


After the leak, the hard-right Daily Mirror

Is that a typo for Daily Mail?


Even the deputy leader of the Labour Party reckons it;s going to be a Tory landslide. Corbyn is writing massive checks with his motuh that if - god forbid - he was elected three generations would pay for. The pound would tank. Gild yields would rocket so the cost of funding his mad schemes would go through the roof. Inflation would properly kick into gear.
BTW Mericans, Trump is about to do the same to you.
Read JK Galbraith - every generation forgets how really really bad inflation is.


The Daily Mirror is also affiliated with Hope Not Hate.


Not exactly the territory of the hard right.

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I find it odd that in opposition you’re citing a leftish institutionalist who would’ve certainly approved of the spirit (at the least) of Corbyn’s reform goals (as would his son.)


However did Labour manage it after WW2, with the already existing massive debts of that war?

The only debts we’re paying off right now are the ones that Maggie and Tony gave us.


Never a truer word spoken… :slight_smile: Not words that would get past even a basic filter, anyway.

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No. Galbraith would not have approved. You clearly haven’t read him.
He was indeed progressive. But not stupid.

Not true. We’re still paying debts from WW1. WW2 - or more precisely America - ruined us.

Yet we still managed to get the NHS and the cradle-to-grave welfare state up and running despite those debts.

I am sick and tired of having doors slammed in my face in the name of austerity and neoliberalism. I expected no better from Maggie and the tories, but Tony betrayed us all.

Not that I am voting for Corbyn and Labour. We have our own Sanders to vote for here.


I thought the WW1 debts went into hiatus around the chaos of WW2 (for us and others), with (according to the BBC, though it’s an old link) the govt position of “Neither the debt owed to the United States by the UK nor the larger debts owed by other countries to the UK have been serviced since 1934, nor have they been written off.” was the status quo, last I understood.

Also worth mentioning (not in response to you, but generally relevant to this subthread), was that the WW2 debt was actually finally paid off by the last Labour govt (Blair, with Brown as chancellor) - I seem to recall (but could be wrong) that prior to that everyone was pretty much happy to just service interest payments?


Oh do you follow me on goodreads?

And for sure, Galbraith wasn’t dumb. I suspect Stiglitz isn’t, either.

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Those bar charts are infographic malpractice. The scale on the bottom is different on each one, yet the bars make it look like the same portion favors Labour in each.


A majority of Britons may or may not be in favour of all this. But they’ll vote in the next Tory parliament & PM anyway.

But, no worries! After May’s Hard BrexitTM, Britain will be a veritable Eden, nay, Heaven on Earth itself.

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