Right-wing thinktank polls UK, find vast majority favour Labour's policies


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The UK is wising up to the Right Wing bull shit. GOOD!


Good to see that even though Corbyn isn’t exactly a charismatic guy that he might be smarter and is trying to play a long game by setting policy proposals that people approve of. If the remnants New Labour wants to play Neoliberal there’s always the Conservative and LibDems to join. I really wish they’d wise up to this fact and stop trying to reshape a party that historically has been for the working class.


Typo correction 76% want the railways back


Oh no mention of the cluster by privatizing the royal mail.


That’d imply simple ignorance of their position.

No they’re not that stupid. They’re Tories who want Tory policy but are too cowardly to admit to being publicly Tory.
They choose the next best thing: occupying the opposition so they can ensure Tory policy is unopposed.

Corbyn has been far, far too lenient so far. I do respect that a bit, but it’s now gotten beyond a joke and the right-wingers should be expelled so they can join a right-wing party that matches their views rather than destroying a nominally left-wing party from within.

(NB. As it’s a political post, i feel historically i’d likely be a labour supporter, Green nowadays. I’m Green now, generally supportive of labour but the labour right prevents my official support)


Well there’s stupid and then there’s stupid. I guess my view is that they’re stupid in the sense that they refuse to admit defeat when they’ve lost the war for the party. That’s the part I’d wish they’d wise up on and just move on. It’s like dealing with someone who’s made a really bad meal and they just eat it as a matter of pride rather than start over and cook a better one.


The people want socialism but they won’t vote for it.

Oh he is, but the BBC and the newspapers don’t report it because he refuses to give them interviews, knowing how they will be spun.
It’s said that the right wing papers paid over £30000 for the picture of Miliband having trouble with a bacon sandwich because it would remind the electorate that he was (secular) Jewish without actually saying so.


I think it’ll take a few generations sadly.

My mother’s generation has been trained to see socialism = evil, capitalism = good, no exceptions :confused:
When a mixed economy is actually the way forwards…



Thanks for the correction, I thought only 16,807 respondants watned to do so and I didn’t think that was a signifigant amount.


Polls in the U.S. also consistently show that most Americans want thing like single-payer universal healthcare and less privatisation, and yet the politicians in both establishment parties continue to pretend on behalf of their donors that their constituents don’t want these things (because “socialism”). Wising up is good, but at a certain point they have to kick the liars out (or, in the case of conservatives, turn to an even bigger con artist).



And sadly, this very much.


I think there’s also the problem of “I want socialism, but not run by these shitheads” We don’t get to vote for policies, unfortunately, we get to vote for politicians, and the policies that we think they can successfully and sustainably design and manage…Proof-pudding is the only way to get these in place. Gotta get people to the “get the government’s hands off my medicare” point…

I agree so much. I was reading about the NFL protest stuff, and woman on Twitter was supporting the protests (yaaay) but made her point thusly: “My husband served in the military, and he told me that being forced to sing anthems and solute flags isn’t patriotism, it’s communism!” (awwwww)


“Although Corbyn remains personally unpopular”

By which they mean, presumably, currently considerably more popular than Theresa May.


7^5 = 16807


“In another blow to the Conservatives, the poll found that 60% of poll respondents were dissatisfied with the government. Just 30% said they were satisfied, giving the government an embarrassing enviable net approval rating of -30%.”

I’m just fixing this for American readers.


As an American, I don’t favour Labour’s policies. However, I do favor Labor’s policies. :wink:


The problem is that Labour (especially before Corbyn, bless him, showed up out of nowhere to give Blarites fits) spent something like two decades squatting on the idea of socialism. People want the policies, but they don’t trust anyone to implement them.

Fr’instance I wouldn’t trust the present UK government to implement a “No baby eating policy” because that would end, given its current track record, with a live broadcast of Theresa May swallowing a child whole by disengaging her lower jaw and coating her prey in a thick lubricating coating of corrosive saliva.


Silly rabbit - it’s not what the people wants that matters.