Poll shows Trump's base divorced from reality

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Hateful, entitled suckers looking for simple answers to complex problems: the base of every fascist movement in history.

It’s long been known that the common factor in his voters is not education or social class but that they lived in places where the march of demographics meant white privilege was declining. The MAGATs have been open and proud about wanting to “hurt the right people”. America’s Know-Nothing 27% have proven themselves willing again and again to shower money and attention on America’s preeminent public con man since the 1980s. There’s nothing new or surprising here.


This explains a lot: https://youtu.be/OZWc0BsuUUE

“Don’t trust anyone but us. If anyone disagrees with us, that tells you that they can’t be trusted.”


I thought Cory Doctorow had a good take on how the MAGA mindset worked in his piece earlier this month on junk fees Pluralistic: Fighting junk fees is “woke” (04 August 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow .


Trust in Crime?


These folks are nuts. Reality means nothing to 'murica.


It’s hard to read but that initial CBS chart indicates a margin of error (MOE) of 7.2% (later on in the CBS click ladder they quote other more standard MOEs of 3.0). So fetch out the wind-powered abacus and one gets for 7.2% MOE (1/(0.072^2)): only 193 respondents. And gawdknows how many they had to phone before getting a paltry 193 rabid self-declared ‘republicans’ to reply to them; which is significant because the MOE calculation depends upon the sample being properly random of the entire model population. So this means that a single percent on that chart represents the opinion of slightly fewer than two fine people. (even ignoring the simple fact that those percentages shown add up to way more than 100%)

Please folks, always ask yourself: maybe I shouldn’t just accept the accuracy of any media promoted opinion poll.


Trump voter: ‘He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting’

That headline is the one that says so very much and confirmed so much about what I have observed in person about many of his supporters.

Speaking of Doctorow, I still think when the Rapture of the Nerds takes a swing through the worst part of America (Christian States of America), it was a bit close to home. Sure, it’s meant as parody, but reading that during the height of donnie’s single term…yikes. And we still are not out of the woods.


“I exploit you, still you love me”


I don’t know what the hell conservatives think anymore, I find myself wanting to talk to the Trumper guy I used to run into every week in my neighborhood. It’s impossible to have any kind of rational conversation about politics in the USA anymore, but I still have a morbid curiosity. Maybe part of me just wants to vent on him, like I have this absurd hope I can make him squirm, when it’s just as likely he’ll double down on conspiracy weirdness that’s a magic shield against all guilt.


I mean, what is Trump’s 2024 platform? I haven’t heard a thing even about lowering taxes on the wealthy. His only promise so far is vowing to use the government to get revenge on his personal enemies.


And that’s what they want - revenge, and hurt to “the other”.


Ah, but when you are the state, your personal enemies are the enemies of the state. If they attack you, they attack the Fatherland, therefore the solution to all problems in the country is quite simple, hence his “single issue” platform.



At times like this, I think of the poll that was taken before Trump was elected, that showed a significant percentage of Trump’s own supporters thought he’d start a nuclear war.


It’s fascism. The platform is whatever it needs to be at the moment.


Ahhh. The small sample size would explain why “friends and family” isn’t at the very bottom of the list as expected.


You are far more likely to get shot than make him question the grift.

Seriously, though. Don’t get shot. These folks are fucking insane.


That might have accounted for some of the change, but Desantis has been on a steady downward slide for quite a while and this could be just more of that slide.

And, honestly, there is no other GOP alternative in their minds. It was Trump or Desantis. Chris Christie, etc are just white noise in the GOP field at the moment.


I’ll give one credit to Trump. He tells you EXACTLY what he is going to do. He always has.

He will say, “I’m going to do this mean hearted thing to this group” and people will cheer because they don’t think they are part of that group.


This poll doesn’t take into account that Trump is a religious leader.