Poll worker charged with assaulting black voter, shouting racist remarks


Only if your trapped in a Zero-Sum world view, which unfortunately a large number of people seem to be.


There seems an awful lot of incidents of voter suppression and other shenanigans. Perhaps the OECD needs to send election observers.

Edit: Actually the OECD did send observers:


If it makes you feel any better, I was a poll worker in Colorado yesterday and I got to help a homeless man vote. That made me feel great. I also checked in dozens of new voters too.


I’m sure all the libertarians will be able to explain how contract law will solve all their problems…something something blockchain…


Obama’s election was far from the end of racism in America, but it still wouldn’t have been possible in a country where Confederate veterans and disgruntled former slavers still made up a significant portion of the electorate.


And nothing of value was lost.


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