Ponzi scheme suspect flees FBI on underwater scooter

ZOMG, how is everyone missing this juicy tidbit?

According to the Sacramento Bee, Piercey, who is a member of Bethel Church, used his connections to prey on fellow parishioners.

That church and its “college” in Redding, CA, is infamous as the “Christian Hogwarts”, with students trying to walk through walls or lie on graves all night to soak up mana, and for some reason suffering a massive COVID outbreak at present.

Why didn’t he just walk upon the water, then?

Edit: the SacBee story clears up some details. I know the lake–it’s not clear water at all–but police were able to track him on the surface by following the bubbles from his scuba gear, which he apparently had in the pickup bed with the scooter. I suspect he didn’t have a wetsuit, and half an hour in the cold water was all he could take.


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