Poop on everyone as a beautiful seagull

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The guy’s name is O’Rear.

And he grew up to create poopware.

If he had a Welsh mother and an Irish father he could have been Dai O’Rear.



But, but, but…seagulls have their eyes on the sides of their heads. They should only have binocular vision in a smallish area in the middle.


I am reminded of SimCopter…

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I wish I did not know that bird poop tastes salty, but a bird did poop in my mouth on County Highway T about 15 miles from the end of a 90 mile bicycle ride. It is very important to breath through your nose.


This is also a great reason for a full face helmet on your motorcycle… Oh I was so glad the visor was down when that gull bombed me.


I could swear that I remember an arcade bird poop game from back in the 80’s, but my google-fu is failing me.

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Achievement: Albatross level unlocked!

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This presumably allows you to fly around the entire world pooping on things.

Sounds like politicians on international summits. Or doing TTIP-like deals.


Seagull management:
flap flap
crap crap
flap flap.

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  • fly in
  • make noise
  • shit on everything
  • leave
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What odds, eh?

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