Pope Francis doesn't want to hold Donald Trump's hand either


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i truly wish this was real. JHC curse whoever made that.


No GIFs or Shooping necessary to see how disgusted Francis is having to deal with this greedy narcissist as a peer – and this is a man who’s run into more than his share of paedophiles and their enablers. About the only good thing about these state visits is watching similar reactions from other world leaders.


Even His Holiness is creeped out by Donny’s diminutive digits.



I really want to believe but will only do so if I see this without the cut.


Pope: Wha? Why am I hearing Carl Orff, Bela Bartok and Joseph Bishara all at the same time?

Trump: Excuse me!


I’ve never really felt sorry for a pope before now. He had to meet 45. Ouch.

Instead of giving 45 a copy of his book about how climate change is real (he ain’t gonna read that shit), he should have busted out the Noah’s ark flannel-graph to illustrate the danger of rising sea levels in a way Donnie can understand.


Huh? Clearly fake and never intended to be real.



Don’t believe it; it’s not supposed to be believed. It was a bit on Jimmy Kimmel last night.


I think I looked just like this when I was watching the GIF.



I like it’s totally cool for women to cover their head for Catholics, but ask them to do it for Muslims and it’s all “Women’s rights!”


who would be shocked if the pope gave don the full on kiss-off


Jimmy Fallon did it better


Christ, what a Trumphole!

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