Poppy on a Burqua - The Daily Mail

In the UK, Remembrance Day recalls the war dead. Paper poppies, to recall the battlefields of the Somme and others, are worn by lots of people, we pay a small donation for them.

The day approaches.

While IT are sorting out my login, I came across this fine piece of journalism:

The author is “Richard Littlejohn”. An olde Englishe name, if ever I hearde one, reminiscent even of the Crusaders.

He makes a point. It’s not a totally invalid point, I guess, but not one I would necessarily raise.

But it’s nutrition-free, hateful journalism, with so many sound-bites I could eat for a week.

The UK does seem to be taking that recent European swing to the right - or has the Daily Mail always churned this stuff out??

Aye, that’s pretty much their raison d’etre. There was a very nice article I saw yesterday about muslim kids selling remembrance day poppies as a gesture of solidarity, and, you know, them being involved in WORLD WARII as well, Littlejohn, you evil fuck… God, I hate the Mail.


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