Porch thief breaks leg running off with packages

Yeah the rich steal the whole goddam house and manage to make you pay back property tax as well.


That’s the heartbreaking truth.

what a… strange thing to bring up.


Or, it will become common for people to have “UPS bins” on their porch. Even without locks, a bin would prevent a vast majority of the thefts. Almost every time, it’s an opportunistic, impulsive act, by a passerby who sees the package from the sidewalk.


She’s the kind of person a right-winger would HATE to share any wealth with. She’s on disability but without an obvious disability, and she’s a single mom. UBI may or may not be a good idea, but there will be those who only want their taxes going to people who ‘deserve’ it.

Looks like her accomplice is showing us his IQ on the jersey.


Yeah but the rich call it “financial engineering”


why do you say that?

ah? what makes you so certain?

finaly. thank you.

no offense, but please mate, dont do that. I heard that BS “she/he had every chance-bla-bla” so many times…no, its not that easy. you cant just flip a switch in your brain and you said it yourself, meth is a helluva drug.


Exactly so. I have a friend with (luckily, usually treatable/controllable to a large extent) paranoid schizophrenia, and I’ve been present several times where, “Can’t you just try not being crazy for a while,” or some other similarly silly bullshit is said to her.

“F*CK YOU! If I could be sane at will, I would be,” is her go-to response. Seems succinct to me ^^’.

I’ve known exactly ONE addict who wouldn’t have gleefully ended his addiction “like flipping a switch in his brain” if it was possible, ever, and that was because he was trying to commit suicide the most pleasant way available (honestly, he had a good reason). And yes, he eventually succeeded, of course.


Do not walk on the grass.

And, she may be conservative herself.
What a wold, amiright?

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