Porch thief caught on camera


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/11/01/porch-thief-caught-on-camera.html


Fixed that for you.


That time honored dog game of “keep away”.


I’d be tempted to keep the Halloween decorations around for a while longer.


Be thankful they took something from the porch, and didn’t leave a present behind.


Is it just me, or is that the weirdest front porch?


Good doggo, protecting the owner from scary spiders.


‘Porch thief’–what do you mean? The porch is tsill there!


That whole “handrail in the middle of the archway” thing is just so weird.


That golden is totally the lookout


A job best left to the less bright member of any gang.


Maybe it’s a duplex, and the handrail provides a visual separation for another front door? But still, it’s kinda weird.


“I got it I got it let’s go!”


I had a dog who got away from the house twice in a neighborhood where he really shouldn’t have been allowed too. He came back once with a bag full of donuts and another time with a bag full of assorted rawhide chews.

I would have preferred a giant spider.


My jack russell/scottie terrier mix actually hoards things he finds fun under my bed. Every once and a while I have to lift up the bed and sweep out the debris fort he’s built under there.


One of our cats does this. We only find his stash once in a while, though, because he moves it regularly. Not exactly fair to the other cats. :pouting_cat:


@beschizza, you completely fooled me. I thought it was going to be another human acting like a douche. Thanks for the good laugh.


And the supporting pillar a foot from the wall.


Brain teaser! Imagine it’s 1989 or so and then meditate for a moment on how insane this quote sounds:

My phone alerted me that my doorbell had detected a visitor. When I pulled up the clip, I saw this pair of thieves!


Me too, probably tons of readers! Who can resist the prospect of seeing yet another porch thief caught in the act? :laughing: