Pornhub rolls out best-in-class accessibility features for visually impaired users


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Well, I have been wanting to get more voiceover work…


It is fantastic that they’re offering these for the visually impaired, all things considered.

What sort of options do they have for people who have difficulty with fine pointer control?

I’m asking for my friend, Harry Pom.


As in so many other aspects of Internet technology, the porn industry leads the way once again. I hope that these accessibility features are adopted by other sites as well.


There’s a joke in here somewhere… but it wouldn’t be funny.


My friend will be pleased about the colour blindness feature.


Porn has always been at the very squirting edge of technological progress.


This just raises more questions.


I was expecting something like this…


It’s a cliche that people in porn breathily urge each other to do stuff that they’re already doing (“yeah! X that Y! X it hard!”), and it now occurs to me that, combined with the various smacking and squelching noises, that serves as a kind of audio description for the visually impaired.

(There may not be any closed captioning, but TBH that probably makes it more accessible for most people who can’t hear the soundtrack)


So it does make you go blind! :open_mouth:


Recently they did have a lot of job ads for developers on their site, or so I was told.


I am happy to say that Bungie introduced a bunch of accessibility features to Destiny a while back. WoW probably has had them for ages.


Yeah, my uh, friend has trouble using his mouse left-handed while browsing their site. Do they have any settings to help with that?


“in out in out in out in out in out….”




I’d pay extra for certain celebrity narrators. Like Hulk Hogan.

“I am telling you, brother, this guy is going to town on her. It’s like that time I did a pile driver on Andre the Giant in 86. Just “Bam Bam Bam” like John Henry’s Hammer! And she’s all like, “Oh yes! Oh yea! Right there!” I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years as a professional porn narrator!”


Does it make me weird that the first person I thought of was Martha Stewart?


Please do go on…


The story is ludicrous. You can imagine where it goes from here.