"Pot Brothers At Law" explain what to do if you work in the weed business and are arrested

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I don’t know…for a routine traffic stop where you can guess why you were pulled over, I just can’t see pulling this routine–er, I mean invoking my Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. I don’t like being asked “where you coming from…where you going?” questions, but they just want to see if your breath smells of booze. I don’t want to risk pissing the cop off, because you just don’t know anymore where that will lead.

Never before has shutting the fuck up seemed so…I dunno…hardcore!

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This leads me to wonder: is there a legal requirement that the window be unrolled during a routine traffic stop? I would be surprised if there were, generally speaking (obviously laws vary from here to there). What about opening the door if requested during such a stop?

The more you talk, the less your lawyer can do for you later.


Lay back and groove…

“I’m proud to admit on camera and on the internet that I will never talk to any police officer under any circumstances…with all due respect sir.”

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