New York lands on deal to legalize recreational marijuana

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Puff’em if you got’em.


As a native NY’r and one who hopes to return within the year. Woohoo!


That… doesn’t sound too bad.

Now I’m just waiting for NJ to correct its home-grow oversight.


I used to drive by the cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts that is one exit from the NY border, and wouldn’t ya know it, lots of NY plates in the parking lot.


Props to NY!
From a Coloradan perspective, I’m jealous, but happy to see they are going to allow “consumption sites.” That seems like a no-brainer, but we in the Centennial State had to take our lumps for being first to convince less modern voters to go along with legalization of our “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” amendment.

  1. Public consumption not allowed–a real pisser for tourists or travelers. Localities are sloooowly allowing a few spots, but the hypocrisy is palpable when you see a bar open. Early efforts (a guy who would sell a cup of coffee for $10 and give a “free” joint) were squashed
  2. Colorado also allows employers to fire people for use off the clock. The test cast went to our Supreme Court, who ruled Dish Network could fire a paraplegic who has his medical card. I hope NY does us one better.

Are they going to release all the people who have been jailed for marijuana offenses?


There’s a seperate ongoing effort on that front. In 2019 they started vacating convictions as part of further decriminalization. There’s other stuff burbling for larger offenses not covered by the 2019 law.


A few dispensaries have popped up in rural illinois one exit passed the Indiana/Iowa/Missouri/wisconsin state lines. As far as I can tell, 1/3 of of Illinois sales are out of state.

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