Potato chips that taste like Christmas trees


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Most people I’ve talked to who don’t like gin complain that it tastes “like pine trees.” Well, I like gin, but I am not at all excited about these chips.


Sadly or otherwise, dependent on your persuasion to trees, these crisp just taste like ready salted. Of course this is from my pallet and those in the office at the time of consumption.

Should have thrown a pine cone in the bag…


What’s their next planned market expansion, Hell?


If there is one thing I learned from my foray into England- their crisp flavour technology is lightyears ahead of ours. Lamb and Mint Crisps? Lemon Scampy? Even the regular flavours are more well rounded and profound.

Here in Quebec we have Spruce Beer soda (a cultural equivalent to Tab, if you remember visiting your old aunt and being asked “would you like a soda, dear?” and then getting Tab). I got a taste for it after I realized my college roommates wouldn’t drink it all behind my back.


How are they “hand cooked?”

Does someone hold raw potato slices in their hand and let their body heat do the rest?


You can use them on for Christmas decorations too.


Rosemary is a pine-y evergreen, and is quite tasty on potatoes.
I haven’t tried these specifically, but they may be a reasonable substitute.



If they were sold in the US they would be labeled ArtisnalTM.


Already taken


For those who get depressed around the holidays, what about hemlock flavoured?


They can’t be bothered to sort out severed extremities from their slicer plant.


You know it’s luxury because you can definitely taste the flocking.




Well, not only do I like gin, when I’m hiking in the woods I’ve been known to chew on a pine needle. When camping, making pine needle tea.

These sound lovely.


These were good…

…so they stopped doing them.


Grand Fir (Abies grandis) makes a great salt and a fine Christmas tree, too. I would use Grand Fir salt on everything, except I would eat too much salt. You can see how I use it on a bowl of wild greens here: Garden Weeds and Ham Hocks - Feed a crowd with this easy recipe for wild greens. And here’s how I use it on a wild mushroom, Floccularia albolanaripes: Wintertime Wild Mushrooms - Faux sweet corn and BBQ. That mushroom tastes like sweet corn, so the Grand Fir salt is just right. I guess I better make some potato chips or fries. That Grand Fir salt would be good on them! No joke.


Did they remember to include the tinsel? It’s not Christmas Tree without the tinsel.