Pouring orange juice from a carton: You're Doing it Wrong (GIF)



I’ve been a fool. A fool for so long!


I remember someone pitching something to help with this on Dragon’s Den years ago. Most of them were impressed, then one of the others did this.

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But that gluk gluk gluk sound! We’d miss it.

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So, basically, the same way one pours motor oil or olive oil or, basically, any carton container with a screwtop [Insert Citizen Cane clapping GIF here.]


Joe L’Erario taught me how to do this twenty years ago on the Learning Channel.

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Or just don’t pour so fast. That’s another option.


It also works when the port is turned to side. Any orientation/angle with maintained boundary between air and fluid will do the job. The air must not have to bubble through.

If the container does not have to be reclosed/reused, an option is piercing a small hole in it, opposite to the port. (I meant opposite on the top side, not on the bottom side. Now, go wipe the spill.) Works perfect with those little boxes of cream where you have to cut the edge anyway.


Or cans of Hi-C from the 1970s. THE ONLY GOOD KIND.



…photo chems from ‘cubitainers’.

Just hold the damned spout closer to the glass.


There it is.

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What the hell is going on in the glug-glug-glug? I’ve wondered about this for a while.

if you’ve ever changed your oil, the instructions on the oil bottle tell you basically the same thing.

Oh sure. Blame the victim.


Seriously want an explanation?

It’s a closed container with a small spout. Pouring liquid rapidly enough to to block the spout creates lower air pressure inside of the container. Air wants to rush in and fill it back up to equalize the pressure. So, the second it gets a chance to do so - WHOOSH! and GLUG!

To stop this from happening, just pour at an angle and rate that leaves an air gap at the top of the spout.

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Sure, it is smooth pouring until the flap slips out from under your finger and a stream of juice flies over the top of the glass…


Yeah, I noticed that and pictured a five-year-old trying to hold that flap out of the way.

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I have a five year old in the house, they don’t get to touch half gallons of anything, let alone the juice.

Never let the children be in charge of the juice.