Pow!, the fourth Rice Krispie elf… from space




We should be glad he wasn’t a Radium Elf, heralding the enrichment of our food for the nuclear future!


Riding the coattails of Quisp, perhaps?


Its Scrappy-fucking-doo!


When I was a kid a friend of mine told me that for a brief time Snap, Crackle, and Pop were joined by an African American elf named “Buzz”.

He swore this was true, and, at the time, it was a lot harder to confirm or deny such claims no matter how ludicrous they sounded. It would appear someone was pulling his leg and he took them seriously. But it doesn’t surprise me there was, however briefly, a fourth elf.


Pow! appears to be riding a Hiller flying platform:



This is before they took the cocaine out.


Did Pow have a dog named Poochie?


I think Ready Brek fills that gap in the market.


Didn’t Pow! go on to play Kazoo on The Flintstones? I always liked his style!


I guess George Carlin was wrong.


Space elf? So, basically a Vulcan/Romulan?

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