PowerPuff avatar creator


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Does the site crash if one attempts to do these three?


in perhaps a clever throwback to the late '90s, this site is an unusable mess in Safari.


I couldn’t use it in Firefox either.


Sit down for this but the first browser that actually ran this OK was Edge.


Blog view breaks at the hyperlink.


I had some issues, but it turned out that the site works a LOT better if you don’t have google analytics blocked - once I permitted that, it got a lot more usable.

I still wasn’t able to download the animated gif in firefox, though. Not sure what’s causing that issue.


I thought that I tried disabling everything that might block some odd element.


I was having trouble in chrome too. Maybe i have a blocker extension it doesn’t like?


I just tried again – it was a flash-control extension that was giving a problem (flash/html5 controller).


Well that’s just adorable- I made a pretty good likeness of myself!


Yeah I think the adblock or something is breaking it. It worked in Edge which I have no addon running with it.
I seems to hang break when it comes to downloading it.

looks like an angry cory doctorow i think




Pretty good likeness


Pretty close (except the eyes – mine are brown/green/gold, but since Buttercup is my favorite…)


The eyes are the wrong color, but yeah, pretty accurate (especially the weirded out cat)


Close enough.


Call me when I can get a MLP avatar and we’ll talk.


You mean like this?