Precocious 6-year-old Scottish boy can Irish dance like nobody's business


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Only watchable if you can remove the Harvey, the most charmless celebrity in our degenerate culture.


Can’t move my hips or arms, but from the knees down I am a dancing machine!


That backdrop was so creepy! Like Mr. Smith from the Matrix, only tiny and cute. And Sco’ish!

Also, @Lexicat, we should cross-breed him with a Japanese idol singer. (Well, we should wait a few years first.) But those singers have a way of dancing with their arms that makes them look dead from the waist down.


Or with LA wacking style dancers:


“6-year-old Scottish boy can Irish dance”

this cultural appropriation cannot continue :wink:


Creepy. That about sums it up.

I don’t mind 6 year olds folk-dancing, I’ve seen enough children enjoy that. If their parents do it they will naturally join in the fun. But talent shows involving children under 10 creep me out.


But 10 year olds don’t?!?!


Well, um . . .

This ain’t that great. All five of my girls took Irish step dancing starting at age 5, and by age 6 most of them had these same moves down. Not to say that they were spectacularly talented for their age, it’s just that these basic steps were pretty much elementary by then. This kid is basically doing the same four steps over and over. He’s not presenting a stock traditional dance, or any kind of choreography. He’s just kinda improvising based on a few simple step combos.


His black pants made his legs kind of disappear into the stage…and in Irish dancing you can’t really afford to lose the legs.

Plus of course they have to cut away every 2 seconds to the mom, the audience, Steve Harvey, everywhere except the dancing kid.



9 years and 364 days is creepy, but 10 years is fine /s


Forget the dancing. I could watch an hour or two of Steve and the kid trying to communicate.


Apropos of nothing really, but I remember this Frank McCourt quote:

If my mates saw me making a pure eejit out of myself at the Irish dancing, I’d be disgrace forever. I want to be Fred Astaire. Irish dancers look like they have steel rods stuck up their arses.



This kid is cute.

And these kids are creepy:



Why do you say they’re creepy?


Well, because the video has a thumbnail that says “CREEPY!” and it has 57 million views. I was trying to point out how perceptions can vary.


I don’t know why other people find it creepy, but when I look at it, I suspect I’m seeing young children who have been denied anything like a childhood. I’m kind of assuming that the NK state is acting like the world’s worst stage parent, plus they can threaten to starve your entire family if you don’t practice hard enough


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