Premiere of “Heathers” TV series will be delayed out of respect for those affected by Florida school murders


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No idea this was being made, hope it is good

also, Eskimo


Maybe a show based on bullying and school shootings is a really bad fucking idea. Maybe…


What are the chances there won’t be another school shooting close to when this actually premieries? Nearly zero, I’d guess.


Yes, don’t make those shows, that will solve the problem.


Out of respect

Translation: Out of fear of a public backlash and negative press


This is a phenomenon that didn’t exist more than twenty years ago, produces copycats whenever it happens, and is often driven by the hope of after death notoriety. Making media that glorifies it absolutely impacts whether it happens.
Arguably the original Heathers introduced this whole notion to the American psyche.


Yeah, with that mentality they will never release the show.


You say that like it’s a bad thing.

There have been more than enough subpar reboots of ‘Things That Were Cool Back in the 80’s’ as it is.

Nature’s FIRST green is gold… not the second or third attempts.


Better that pop culture avoid actual culture?


Really? Yeah, no. I doubt most school shooters even know what “Heathers” is.


Bullshit. I went to the University of Texas, where forty-odd people absorbed lead through percussive means the year I was born (I am not twenty.) In fact, the high school I went to had a window blown out by a shotgun blast; fortunately it happened at night, and really in rural Texas that’s to be expected.

The frequency of school shootings has not risen that much differently than the corresponding rise in population. However, the victim and fatality counts have risen dramatically, so what has changed? The free availability of high-muzzle velocity weaponry suitable for theaters of war. A problem every other Western country has managed to moderate successfully.


Didn’t say anything about not making a show will solve the problem. I think this show will not help the issue and will probably hinder it.


Nice talking point, but counterfactual.


Thank you — I was hoping someone was going to be less lazy than I and post that exact Wikipedia article.


That depends not on the premise, but the execution. One can make a terrible show about race issues, and once can make a fantastic show about race issues. Dismissing a show out of hand based on its premise, and going further to prognosticate that it could at best do no harm is, to put it politely, misinformed.

I’ll allow to choose your own adjective for the less polite version.


I’m just saying that when they started making the show and decided to invest millions of dollars, they already knew there would be little opportunity to release the show if they were going to hold it back in the event there was a mass shooting.


I remember high school, that idyllic time when my friends and I didn’t look 26 and nobody’s dialog was rapid-fire and witty. We were like awkward lumps.


Their mistake; too bad, so sad.

Entertainment investors are generally willing to throw money at rebooting already proven franchises, in hopes of milking the popularity/name recognition for all it’s worth; that’s partly why there’s so little originality in the industry and an overwhelming surplus of prequels sequels and remakes.


Uh, it’s been on the torrent sites for a week already so I’d presumed it’d already premiered…

For what it’s worth, it apparently rather blah. Hadn’t bothered with it seeing as as @Melz2 said, reboots of awesome things are seldom worth it.