President Biden tweets a reminder of just horrible the Republicans intend to be

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It’s an escape hatch. Let people leave saying the party abandoned them, not that it was always that awful.


It’s that first step I’m worried about. Well…third step? Holding the House. That’s my concern. I can’t get a vibe on how this election is going to go.


This. People need to be able to distance themselves from the current shitshow. Whether they were OK with the previous awfulness, or whether they were genuinely unaware of how bad it was because they weren’t aware of being in danger of having their faces eaten, they need to be able to say “it’s not me, it’s them” before leaving.

Because, thanks to the American pathology of making everyone declare themselves as D, R, or unaligned if they want to vote, you’re making people chose their tribe, and it becomes part of their identity, and changing something that’s a part of your identity is a really big fucking deal. Even if… especially if you feel like you have been unwillingly complicit in it.

“This isn’t your father’s Republican Party” is a release valve making that break psychologically easier.

Also, I suspect the “your father’s” is very deliberate, to emphasise that R is the Patriarchy Party.

  1. A lot of Republican supporters are going to watch that and go “Hell, yeah!”

  2. After two minutes of assorted people going “We’re not Republicans, we are the Trump Party,” the final tag-line is “Stop extreme Republicans” – as if there’s any other kind left. Did you not pay attention to what they were telling you, Joe?

OK, that’s overstating the case. There are Republicans who aren’t extremists. They’re the ones who are happy to enable the extremists to get what they want. Maybe we should be stopping them too?


They are not the majority. Fuck 'em.


I note the very important difference between the Party’s messaging:

GOP: Save America
Democratic: Save Democracy


Save the cheerleaderDemocracy, save the worldAmerica.


Good’n! My admittedly fuzzy point was that “Democracy” seems to be missing from the right-wing rally cries.

(BTW: I recall that some years back, the GOP was urging its members to always call the Democratic Party “Democrats”. The reasoning was clear.


Part of their delusion is that they are the majority… of “real” people. People like you and me, in their eyes we aren’t worthy of deciding anything because we don’t belong to their “in” group. It’s the circular logic that only right-minded people should be allowed to vote, and the way to identify right-minded people is if they vote for the “right” candidates.

These are people who want to be left alone as rulers and oppressors, since that’s how God appointed them. Democracy is a hollow word to them, an annoyance.


It’s a good ad. With two weeks to go to the election, though, I’m just not sure that the critical message that fascists are trying to enter Congress and the national electoral apparatus has gotten through to most voters and potential voters. I hope I’m proven wrong.

A carefully cultivated delusion, popularised by Nixon in 1969. If the GOP succeeds in destroying liberal democracy in America, it will be the result of more than half a century of escalating and deliberate effort.

Their efforts to promote fear and stress and despair also seem to be paying off.

Some takeaways:

27% of American adults are stressed out to the point of effective paralysis.

The self-reported causes of stress in general at the moment? Inflation (83%); violence and crime (75%); the current political climate (66%); and the racial climate (62%). While these are valid sources of psychological stress, they indicate the success of Republican framing of issues.


“They used to know to keep the Nazi stuff quiet. These guys are so loud!


Yah, we all have to bite our tongues on this one if it saves democracy. We all know they’ve always been like this, and the current shitshow started at least as far back as Newt Gingrich, but if they need to believe it was just Trump in order to claw back some sanity and prevent things getting worse, I’m all for it.


Pass LGBTQI+ Rights in an inclusive way.

I will not back down on this, because they can not be allowed to disappear. That’s what the Republicans want.


If I were the democrats, I’d have an ad with a MAGA woman, drinking wine with friends, talking about how bad “the illegals” and Biden are. But then when she goes to the poll shes starts thinking about how the anti-abortion rhetoric could effect her kid and ends up checking the box next “Democrat Ticket” or what have you. And then a voice over says, “It’s your vote, no one else will know you voted your conscious.” Could even end with her complaining the next day, “Don’t look at me, I voted Republican!”


I thought that after your first sentence, you would say, “Then her undocumented immigrant housekeeper walks in.”


It’s quite telling how the “silent majority” work a lot like God in that they tend to agree wholeheartedly with whoever is invoking them. It does seem of late that a lot of Republicans have chugged that particular kool- aid, including some top level ones, who are supposed to know better. I think at least a couple of the Supreme Court who voted to overturn Roe were genuinely surprised at the backlash, because they thought the silent majority were on their side.


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