President Bob Dylan

Just got to thinking - what would the USA have been like with Bob Dylan as President??


No one would understand a word he said and then there would be nothing to disagree about, creating a kinder, gentler, and more philosophically inclined people…


Had he run in 2000, presumably (?) against Bush Jnr, I reckon he woulda got it.

He would keep changing his policies, leaving his early support base feeling confused and alienated.

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He might appear to, but there would be a steady policy undertone that in the longer term would garner deep trust.

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I think at first, everyone would be surprised he wasn’t dead, swearing blind they remember the day of his funeral and the accompanying tributary wave of songs on the radio.

Then he would be brutalised by the very system he was leading, forced to compromise every value and principle for the governing ambience of real politik. But in an ironic and uplifting fashion, rife with complex, iconographic imagery.

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