President Trump calls COVID-19 “China virus,” a racist and inaccurate slur

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Racist liar tells racist lie. Go figure.


“We can call it many different things.”

Well, you can, but it’s still the Trump pandemic, and there ain’t no two ways about it.


To be fair, MacAneener was calling it CV also.

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What’s troubling is that there is a huge colossal mountain of shit that is caused by the Chinese government, but President Trump doesn’t say a word about that. The human rights violations, the military posturing, the border disputes, and on and on.

He doesn’t care about truth or even care about taking out China. He wants to pull the xenophobic strings of his racist puppet audience and have them all dance for him. He’s fucking gross.


I suspect that the strain of COVID19 that came to the USA did not come from China, based upon the RNA sequencing Iceland has been doing since the very beginning of the pandemic. Iceland sequences the COVID19 infecting every person who comes down with the disease there. Early on, they found that the strains could be traced back to Italy, Austria, and even the USA. Not China.

I wonder if the USA has done any of that and whether such data, if it exists, would show that the COVID19 strains in the USA are not from China, in large part, but from Europe or even home-grown.

I am really getting tired of the level of stupidity we allow here.


As in the coronavirus thread Biogen ran a superapreader event in Boston which brought it in via Europe, it was a French mutation.
But yes, most places got it from Europe. Britain’s came from Italy and Spain. I think Germany got it from China but once it spread in italy, Spain, and France it was going everywhere in the North.

Ireland’s cases were linked to posh people skiing.


Racist because that’s how his base wants it.

Here’s my recent foray into calling out fragile white men on a friend’s FB:

I have zero fucks to give to those racist wankers wanting free thought and conversation on their terms only.


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