President Trump is ranting on Twitter about MSNBC host's "bleeding facelift"


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Senator Lindsey Graham just posted this and I had literally no idea which Trump tweet he was talking about. Maybe the facelift comment? But honestly who can tell?


It’s a distraction people. Watch his feet not his tweet. Something is amiss.


Again, you gotta be way more specific. Everything he does is legitimately horrible. I don’t think he has the foresight to actually plan distractions, it’s just part of his nature to constantly seek attention this way.


He’s just feeling a little pumped after kicking-off his 2020 presidential campaign.


It’s just locker room talk, you guys.


What does his tweet even mean?

People say this TV show is mean to me. I wouldn’t know because I don’t bother watching that show anymore. But they do like me because they came over to my place. But they’re dummies.

I still think this guy’s playing one-handed foosball while the rest of us are playing chess.


Cocaine will do that to you.


This is the same guy that wanted to expand libel law? I’m so confused.


Only libel against him.


I’m done with the tweets. It’s a distraction.


Will his defence team be able to find a pair of gloves small enough to be too small for his little hands?


I can’t wait to hear Melania’s anti-bullying take on this.




The only stunning thing about this is that somehow his supporters won’t change their stance on him.


Sure they will. This will make them like him more.


Statement from the First Lady’s Communications Director @StephGrisham45


“Trump is ranting on Twitter about [fill-in-the-blank.]”



Dude - you should sue to get your money back!