President Trump is ranting on Twitter about MSNBC host's "bleeding facelift"


Our president is a 10-year-old boy. Deplorable.




The disclaimer is just more fake news.


“These tweets are a carefully constructed ruse! He’s playing 5th dimensional chess to distract us as he pushes for an autocracy!”

{Trump accidentally attaches photo of himself changing out of shit-smeared boxer shorts.}



The Thump just can’t keep his hands off his tweeter. He will go blind if he doesn’t stop.

Seriously, what kind of childhood trauma did Trump experience that would result in such a damaged adult?


So, the most powerful man in the world is complaining about those with the power, being bullies to him.

Bro, you won. This isn’t a good look, and that’s amazing because that dead thing on your forehead used to be the ugly. Used to be.


“Playing one-handed foosball” sounds like a euphemism I’d rather not contemplate in this context.


The tiny fists concentrate the impact.


His tweets are not the distraction. He is the distraction.


Trump’s defenders are already claiming that this attack is an example of the President pushing back against bullying. Which just goes to show that they have no idea what the word “bullying” actually means.

It’s also telling that Trump’s wife would use the word “punch” to describe his response considering how his Tweet is already dripping with misogyny.


Yeah, this isn’t even intended as a distraction from anything specific. Brezinski said something that Trump took as an attack so he attacked her. It’s purely reactive - no strategy, no thought.

That this is the second time he’s gone to “bleeding” to denigrate a woman is not great.


Deny Abuse, Reverse Victim and Offender. They know full well how it works.


But then you’d be missing out on being able to conveniently and clinically gauge his plummet into Alzheimer’s!


An insecure 10-year-old-boy.


And he’s not responding to criticism with criticism or a reasoned defense.

He’s responding to criticism from journalists by calling a woman ugly.



As a self-professed fan of the Bible, he obviously prefers “eye for an eye” to “turn the other cheek”. This is of course also completely missing the point of what “eye for an eye” means – it’s advocating for a proportional response to the wrong done for you, not “eye for shoot you in the dick” (or as Melania would say, “punch back 10 times harder”).

I also hate how criticism has somehow become equivalent to bullying.


At least from the wrists down! :wink:



I know what this kind of speech calls for…

Yet More Rope.


These fake news are getting real olds.