Prime Ministerial Resignations

2 in one day?

Matteo Renzi and John Key?


I would be happy to see John Key go (Wasn’t he a neo-con? Austerity and all that?), but with the way populism has been kicking up as of late thats more than a little worrying. @Kimmo can you speak more to what’s happening with your neighbors government right now?

EDIT: Just remembered why I really don’t like him, his government was implemented in the Snowden leaks. He played a large part in creating the current surveillance state in New Zealand and increasing the sharing of intelligence with the NSA (through Five Eyes). Also this:

Key has been a leading advocate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), having also supported the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPSEP). Both agreements provide for a multilateral free trade area in the Asia-Pacific region.

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NFI, sorry. I’m guessing old tarnished douchebag just needs replacing with fresh shiny douchebag…


Italy goes through PMs as often as many change underpants. It’s hardly even news when it happens.

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What is it, 63 governments since Mussolini?


In this case it is a bigger deal than usual, because the referendum vote is a ticket with which the populist anti-immigration right can ride into power. Since Italy is a major portal for refugees from sub-Saharan Africa, this will probably result in many innocent people dying. Hopefully the Italian public will decide that with Renzi gone they don’t need to vote “protest”.


Apparently Mr Bunga-Bunga fancies a comeback. But maybe he could just be made the Italian ambassador to the US or something?


[quote=“daneel, post:7, topic:90585”]
Mr Bunga-Bunga fancies a comeback.[/quote]
Maybe he’ll split the moron vote with 5 Star and help someone sober win. As 5 Star is trying to be the honest face of idiocracy, I think you’d see a lot of anti-Berlusconi vitriol coming out of them.

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