Today is Liberation Day in Italy

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Shamefully, they currently have a fascist as PM.


Kurenai no Buta (aka Porco Rosso) is pretty great, considering it was essentially commissioned so that JAL had something to show Japanese businessmen on flights.

Apparently, the best way to watch Porco Rosso is in the original French (with Jean Reno as Porco). So sayeth MIYAZAKI Hayao himself.


My Grandfather quite enjoyed his time in Italy during the 1940’s. He sat in a truck sending coded messages, so he never had to shoot at anyone, which he would not have done.
He learnt a bit of Italian so he could talk to the locals, and he said they were almost universally welcoming to the Allies, even the young men who had been prisoners of war, but were beginning to be sent back later in the war.
They did hide their nice wine and sell the rubbish to the soldiers though, because soldiers will drink any old plonk.


Kind of off-topic, my anecdote is from Barcelona about 8 years ago.

We were riding a public bus through a hilly neighborhood with many jumbled houses. Off in the distance, I saw a large window completely filled with a fully dimensional model of Porco Rosso. Alas, it was past in a flash.

Good souvenir memory, though.


2012 maybe?

There was a big Porco Rosso exhibition at the annual Manga convention that year.


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