Italy's far-right Prime Minister dumps her boyfriend to distance herself from his constant sexist comments

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a faux-feminist moment

Not a surprise coming from a (barely) crypto-fascist politician. It’s all smoke-and-mirrors with these types until they consolidate power.


Um, no. Not the first. Further than them, but not the first.


This is what happens when two leopards date each other.


She didn’t say she was dumping him for that reason. That’s just been made up.

She may well have dumped him for having an affair.


I thank him for the wonderful years we spent together, for the difficulties we went through and for giving me the most important thing in my life, which is our daughter Ginevra," Meloni wrote.

She went on to say, “Granted, he hates her for being born a girl and still resents me for not somehow forcing her to be a boy while in utero, but that’s my wacky ex-boyfriend for you. But now, let’s get back to what we can all agree on: The positives of fascism.”


The spartan ephors replied with a single word: “an?”


You would think his misogynistic comments would just endear them to the far right. :confused:


But they also want their leaders to be palatable to normies, so that they can win.


Is this Woke Fascism? :thinking:


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There is a political subtext that will go probably missing outside Italy: the gentleman in question has (had?) A TV program on Rete4, the most populist of Mediaset (Berlusconi’s) televisions (the Italian Fox News we could say).

And the infamous videos (recorded “off the air” i.e. during pauses of the program) were transmitted by “Striscia la notizia” which calls itself a satirical program (unfortunately one of the most influential programs in Italy) but whose role has always has been to attack Berlusconi’s political enemies or State owed television programs.

So the question is if this was an attack from Berlusconi’s family (Berlusconi’ party is still part of the government coalition) against Giorgia Meloni or rather a favour given to her to have an excuse to get rid of the caveman.


I learned the other day that “Striscia la notizia” is the reason why sexy girls on Italian television are called veline.

Velina is indeed a centuries-old word for very light, soft paper. The word does not derive, as many assume, from vela (veil) but from velin, an antiquated term for vitello, or veal. Velina originally referred to fine calf skin, but somewhere in the 18th century it was transferred to thin paper. Decades ago, in the age of the typewriter, the wispy sheets of onion paper used for carbon copies of letters or documents came to be known in Italian as “veline,” the plural form.

Under Mussolini’s Fascist regime, all-powerful government censors issued directives specifying what newspapers could or could not report. Thin-sheeted copies (veline) went to editors, who had no choice but to follow them; the originals remained in state archives. After World War II various ministries continued to send light-weight veline, not just to newspapers, but to RAI, the government-sponsored television channel. And editors and producers continued to report the news as the government saw fit.

In the 1980s Berlusconi, an emerging media tycoon, revolutionized Italian television by creating the first private network, Canale (Channel) 5. One of its most popular programs “Striscia la notizia”—a precursor of sorts of The Daily Show—satirized official news programs by featuring sexy dancers in flimsy outfits who carried veline to the announcers. They became known as veline, a name now used for all the scantily clad girls (and there are many) who appear regularly on Italian television.


Kind of like three fascists standing on one another’s shoulders, wearing a woke trench coat.


Interesting. So, the same root as the English word “vellum.”


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That’s how the Centuries-Long Mormon Revenge Sex Party gets started, mark my words. But on onion skin.


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