Prince and his purple piano inspired this new Pantone Color

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Cashing in on Prince to sell a color? Waaaaait is this the same guy who patented black?

I love Prince and I LOVE purple, but how the hell am I supposed to call out this color on my proof sheets? I’ll have to get a special font for his symbol.


He was the only guy from the 1989 Batman movie who could rock a purple suit better than the Joker.


The color formerly known as purple, of course!


Well, in all seriousness…

This official shade – named “Love Symbol #2


I know… I saw that too. I guess it’s like Reflex Blue, it has a name, not a number.

It’s like the opposite of Patrick McGoohan.


I do appreciate Pantone naming a color after Prince, but considering they’re in the business of making money off their colors it does feel less than genuine to me.

It appears to be the same color that our library was painted, nearly twenty years ago. It took the paint-mixer three tries to get it right.

And it’s Number Two!


I don’t get this joke. I am sure it is very funny, though :wink:

Be seeing you!

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He’s a secret agent, man.

They’ve given him a number and taken away his name.


“Questions are a burden upon others.”

BTW, the other day I bought the 2009 remake… watched the first episode and was done with it, at least for now.
Might give it another try later - sometimes you just pick the wrong day, you know what I mean.
But so far the only bit I really liked were the vintage cars.

I never even heard of that remake. Hard to imagine it could stand up to the original.

It doesn’t. Mostly because it’s deceidedly undeceided between “let’s keep close to the original” and “let’s do something entirely new altogether”, so it doesn’t go anywhere, I think.

You know your project is in trouble when even Gandalf and Jesus can’t get it off the ground.

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One thing that purple presumably isn’t, is the shade of purple of his piano - right? The piano would have been painted in a paint shade then already commercially available.

Or does commercial availability of a paint not imply the existence of a Pantone colour?

Prince and his Purple Piano

Sounds like a musical spinoff adaptation of Harold

I’m more of a RAL guy myself.