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So I’ve was feeling like crap today, I had a flu for a week, on the tail of that picked up Strep. for another week that the antibiotics just killed, got to spend an hour and a half at the dentist yesterday getting a tooth cap started, and have been work-frazzled. But this eve. I got the best thing. One of Her Highness’s Facebook fans is a 3rd grade teacher who uses photos of her in classes for writing prompts and things. Today she sent me writing the kids did on Bat-Hog. These are the best things ever, so good I have to post all of them:


Well that simultaneously sucks and blows; and not in the good way.

I had Strep once when I was 17, combined with influenza;
and I swear, I thought I was




I think the only thing that could have possibly made it worse is if I had also had to deal with having dental work done, so you have my sincere sympathies.

That said, these little essays are just adorbs…


I am struck by the odd, almost Ferlenghettian spacing of this one:


We asked about that one since it was odd. He has a writing disability that makes it hard to write, and she usually struggles to get him to do assignments, but he liked the prompt enough that he enjoyed this one.


Did the fanfic writers come up with “Doctor Unjustice” on their own?


Since I am outta likes till after I really should be offline you and the kids get a .gif


There’s some seriously fascinating spatial organization going on there.

Somebody should show the kid Ferlinghetti and ee cummings and the crazy world of concrete-poetry.


This is a third grader? My handwriting has never been that good.


Indeed. I will be remembering this Dr. Unjustice.

All of these kids have better handwriting than I do (few can decipher my printing, even when I’m trying to write slowly and clearly), but I think you’re seeing the difference between girls and boys writing at that age.


The teacher sent me an update, though it was only one sample:

There’s a line because the student was unsure what a hedgehog would disappear into to transform into Bat-Hog so the teacher forwarded the message me. Luckily I had a canonical answer:


This is the greatest! You so have to either do an in person visit with the Princess to their classroom or livestream in. I LOVE it.

As an aside, when I was a Freshman and having a tough transition to college, my mom, a teacher, had her class make Halloween cards for me. They were freaking great. I sent them all thank you notes, individually, and of course my mom used that as an opportunity to teach thank you note writing.


They’re in Delaware and I’m in TX, so an in person visit’s hard. Her Highness is not amused by long car trips. We did send her one of the Bat-Hog shirts, she wore it to class, and the kids almost melted down from amazement and delight. They’re in standardized tests but should be back to writing soon. We talked about doing a video stream, could be fun.


That is so cute!! This was a great heartwarming story for the day. Thanks for sharing.

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This teacher is somehow a huge fan, and the kiddos dig the hedgie pics, which is just delightful all around. I’ve been pinging her every once in a while about when they’re going back to writing, since I really want to see what happens with Doctor Unjustice. I also would really like to find out more about glitter gum, bomb sweets and lipstick lazers.

On a separate note, about a week ago they were doing a US colonial history/social studies section, and as a finale the teacher pulled out:

It was just a happy accident I’d made that one, but the kids’ minds were completely blown.


LMAO. Now the Princess needs to make her own history book.


There’s no great place to put this, but I used some things I learned here and while it’s not perfect, it’s still cool.



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