Private school in Miami will not allow their teachers to be vaccinated

Dear god. Just the prose alone in that notice should be enough to put you off the school.

the amount of unknown risks associated with vaccinations

Number, not amount.

there is a large belief in the United States that

“Large” is for intangible things. “Pervasive,” “widespread,” or (in this case) “ill-informed.”

But if not that . . .

Rather than helping children’s immune systems, there is a large belief in the United States that the excess of mandatory vaccines is actually damaging them. In fact, in the past 20 years, U.S. statistics prove that children are experiencing doubled rates of Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities, doubled rates of asthma, tripled rates of diabetes, and a rise in autism in every single state at the rate of 600 percent.

The statistics in the second sentence are not clearly linked to the claim in the first sentence. Is this how they teach children to form an argument in this school?

A lot of kids are suffering

Dear god, won’t someone think of the children?

rule out any and all possibilities contributing to the rise in chronic diseases and disabilities for our students.

Russell called, he wants his teapot back.

Before we, as a school, mandate anything that could possibly be causing so much harm to our students, studies need to be urged to be conclusive as to whether common mandatory vaccinations lead to various common health disorders.

By this logic, you should not admit any students who have been vaccinated.

Students should not be forced to endure these immunizations until there are more significant long-term studies and examinations of the various implications and side effects of these drugs.

How many more?



Our CEO isn’t getting the vaccine or asking us to get vaccinated for work. His wife, who is our HR person (all sorts of wrong in that) has gotten vaccinated. She’s requested copies of our CDC vaccine card for our files and claims that ADP has told her to do this. I told her that since her husband doesn’t require the vaccine for work, I’ll pass.


Oof, that’s painful. How does one “urge a study to be conclusive”?
I know from my work, there’s a certain type of person who’s writing is a dead giveaway that they’re trying to sound “smart” but they generally have no clue what they’re talking about. This is that kind of writing.


Centner Academy: The Brain School


Are they going to check everyday for possible pinpricks on the skin of all teachers?





Even by their totally suspect numbers you should get vaccinated:

  • 95888088 people in the us totally vaccinated (CDC COVID Data Tracker)

  • 3186 deaths (according to the “National Vaccine Information Center”) - this number is BS

  • likelihood of death from vaccine (according to non-scientific antivaxxers stats) : 3186/95888088 = 0.00003322623

  • US population: ~331,002,651

  • Covid Deaths 551,728 (NVSS - Provisional Death Counts for COVID-19 - Executive Summary) - this is a conservative count

  • likelihood of death from COVID: 551728/331002651= 0.00166683861

Since the vaccines prevent almost 100% of death by their own numbers the threat from covid is orders of magnitude greater than the threat from the vaccine.

(Many simplifications here - not controlling for age, etc…)


Charter schools: Using taxpayer money to teach bigotry and christian dogma since

forever 1994.

((ETA: IronEdithKidd’s charter school date but I’m stickin’ with my charter school statement :slight_smile: ))


Not since forever, only since about 1994.

This “school” isn’t even a charter, it’s full-on private, which means there’s exactly zero state oversight. In the US, you don’t even get what you pay for with far too many private schools.


It was actually supposed to be Center Academy: The Brian School


I thought that was from being in close proximity to “witches,” not people who got the vaccine.


Well Lidia, there was the first clue what you were getting yourself into.


Why would a vaccinated teacher ever consider working for this “school”?

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I think that the term “teacher” is used loosely with this particular scam, I mean institution.


Initially was the “Pinky and The Brain School”, but they got sued by Warner, so they had to change the name.


I like to think I am very well read, and keep up with the anti-vax stuff pretty well. New one on me.
There is this lovely rumor:
Fact Check-COVID vaccines do not ‘shed’ from one person to another and then cause reproductive problems | Reuters
Oh Noes! I might catch vaccinated!

Ah, here we go. I knew I could trust Orac to be on it

Shedding: An antivax trope resurrected for COVID-19 vaccines - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

(Edit: I guess I should have warned y’all that if you click through, Orac has posted some truly horrible twitter posts from folks who apparently believe this obnoxious shit.)


Its interesting to see a whole school enter to compete for a Darwin Award. But I betcha they don’t teach no damn Darwin, do they?


Well, that is one way to CREATE a teachable moment on Darwin.


Parents, and the general public as well.