Pro-Trump Republican candidate hired man to shoot Democrats after failing to win local elections

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Treating this as a normal horse race is really so close to marketing it.

The only other choice is for the corporate media to admit that something is very wrong and broken with democracy in America, and they’re not going to say that outright. The best I can see is them continuing to dance around it, wringing their hands over incidents like this but still depicting them as outliers rather than the state of the modern GOP.


I suppose when a local death-cult candidate is trounced that hard at the polls that there is no one available to stoke Stochastic terrorism within, said loser must resort to regular old terrorism instead. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


That’s a publicity photo? It looks like a still from a terrorist video. Never trust anyone who stands in front of a plain white wall adorned with a flag held up with push pins.


You say triple tap but it’s really a quad tap when you realize the candidate is Solomon Peña, which is not a name old Donnie will happy buddy around with.

Oh, and Solomon’s history is far from clean besides these attempted shootings. Have a look! Solomon Peña - Wikipedia


The self hating POC who support/enable 45 never cease to amaze me.


I was on the local school board when my kids were little. We’re a bilingual household. One of the changes I put into play was having all notices sent home sent in English and Spanish, as per our demographics, 60% of our households only spoke Spanish. Absolutely mountains of parents suddenly became massively involved in their kids’ activities, because before this they had relied on the kids to translate, if at all. It was awesome.

The one opposing vote to my change of this was my neighbor, herself a naturalized immigrant and her kids in the same grade as one of mine. She said that “Mexican parents just don’t care about their kids learning”. She was also a teacher’s aide at the school. It’s been like 20 years since that meeting/vote and I still don’t get why she would feel that way, other than to guess she’s a self-hater or ladder-puller.


Agree. Quite possibly an oversimplification on my part, but the short-cycle of financial reporting to shareholders - daily now, quarterly previously, annually in the distant past - drives the rapid news cycle. Then factor in manufactured rage that captures eyeballs and clicks, and negativity & passivity are the best profit options for news media. The market is not the news market, it is the stock market.
Ultimately, late-stage capitalism across all industries must break and destroy in order to succeed. But this success is a perversely twisted version of the dictionary definition.
It has probably been said by someone smarter than I, we are living in the 21st Century Cold War.


That’s…quite a read. Stolen goods, attempt to gouge out a fellow-prisoner’s eyes in the mess hall, lawsuit against the GEO Group (notorious prison profiteers)…& that’s just one paragraph. Well worth reading the whole thing, right through political studies major, fugitive brother, plaintexting hitmen to shoot at other people of color, fentanyl connection (of course). Breaking Bad meets Arrested Development.


And he still got over 2000 people to vote for him …


“There was an (R). What could I do?”


Fixed that for you.


To MAY to To MAH to

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Wow, bravo! This is the kind of direct action that seems like a losing proposition until someone of will makes it happen.

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I was honestly motivated by my own family. I was involved in as much of my kids’ school as possible, but my inlaws (who lived in the same district as we moved near them) weren’t. When I asked them, they said they couldn’t read anything and just asked their kids for the info. Listening to the kid literally lie about his grades to his parents, and the notes from the teachers begging them to contact them for help (and watching him run as the chancla came out once I removed that deception) made me do the same to our school. It cost us about $300/year total, which is nothing. Board and PTA meetings started being packed. The policy is still in place today, and I’m happy to have been part of the change.


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My friend Aja just popped into my head; she’s quick with the chancla threats! I hope the kids have learned to forgive you and they ended up getting the education and attention they deserve. Both of my boys have struggled in various ways, but the difference in how one school addressed it vs. the other is both incredible and heartbreaking. It’s clear that there have been deeply empathetic people, both staff and the public, who have seen that change was necessary and made it happen (in the under-funded, diverse, mostly urban school, no less!). I always hope for radical progressivism, but am also a huge fan of incrementalism, especially when it can be gauged in real-life successes like this.


Yeah, remind me with my parents.


Any kid who makes it successfully through a US public school with non-English speaking parents is generally a pretty clever one. They’ve either figured out exactly how to lie to get by or they’ve had to act as the adult more than once to bring their parents up to speed.