Professional audiobook narrator reads the whistleblower complaint

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This is a valuable service, not least because many of those least inclined to read it are those who most need to comprehend it.


Yes! I thought of this exact idea today when I read how many GOP politicians have said the haven’t read the complaint yet. I’m so glad someone did it.


That’s a gorgeous photo!!!

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This process would be funner if Come-over from Hell’s actions were a bit less stupid, thuggish, utterly predictable, and repugnant.

I would love to hear that in Nixon’s nasally shaky voice, really bring me back to the 70’s…

The follow up question to “Haven’t seen it” should be “Having read the very short document myself, it seems like it contains urgent evidence of political corruption of a sitting president. By claiming to have not read it, aren’t you just stalling until you gauge the voter reaction?”


Just finished listening.

Doesnt’ strike me as sloppy or partisan.

Provides some useful background to the “investigate the origins of the russia investigation” effort. It is based on a freaking conspiracy theory!

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