Professor tells student "Australia isn't a country" and gives her a failing grade


I remember my younger sister coming home from 4th grade upset that her science teacher mocked and chastised her for trying to correct her. She was trying to teach the students that we breath out carbon monoxide, but my sister insisted it was carbon dioxide. Sad times.


That’s not what I’ve been reading for years. Lots of articles in respectactable newspapers from left to right had articles about their employability.


from the Las Vegas School of Philosophy and Acupuncture (online).


But, but, the professor successfully navigated the intricacies of the English speaking world’s higher “education” system and stringent “university” hiring standards - THEY ARE TWO OR THREE WHOLE SOCIAL CLASSES ABOVE THE STUDENTS THEY GET TO DICTATE TO! WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE INTEGRITY OF THE CLASS SYSTEM!!!


Her professor (who has a PhD in philosophy)

Is there a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoon here? I think there is


Considering that evolution results in more complex patterns and also in higher entropy through residual heat, I am curious to his reasoning.


Too true. Though, that said, given the proliferation of essentially fake degrees it is worth investigating where this “professor” received her own education.

That she would initially believe that Australia was not a country is pretty appalling, but that she continued to insist on her version of reality after the student pointed out her error is hard to understand.


Undergraduate Phil majors (and other humanities majors) do OK. The academic job market for Philosophy PhDs is bad, as is the academic job market for most fields. The problem is that there aren’t many non-academic jobs for Philosophy PhDs.

I’d like to see more info on the degree. Was it really a degree in Philosophy (and if so from where?), or did some reporter assume that “PhD” meant “degree in Philosophy”?


What is St. Davids (pop. 1,841)?


OK, this is brilliant (from the SNHU twitter feed):


This is what “teaching the controversy” must look like.


More complex patterns, as you put it, have lower entropy. Entropy is a measure of disorder.

If you’re going to apply this to life, you have to remember that the 2nd Law applies only to adiabatic processes, i.e. no transfers of matter or heat. Biological lifeforms are not isolated (in either way) from their surroundings.


A representative republic, no less. But representative of what?


It’s an online course. She obviously has access to a computer. You don’t even have to type out the whole word. After “aus” Google will fill in the rest for you. Such a simple yet magical thing.


Exactly, that’s the issue: too many assume circuits are closed that are not. Evolution happens only because of the massive amount of high-level energy being poured in from outside and converted to entropic heat.

Much like the way the dumb professor thought something could not be both a continent and a nation.


I’m curious about which countries they thought were located on the Australian continent.


Technically it’s both (republican head of state, representative democratic legislature), but with Trump and his party of useful idiots it’s rapidly heading towards neither.


And I would say the mere existence of the physics lecturer invalidates evolution because, clearly, he has not evolved.


I’m sure his fellow philosophy professors from the University of Woolamaloo would like a word with him.


Maybe the tinfoil brigade was somehow involved: