Professor tells student "Australia isn't a country" and gives her a failing grade


I’ve had the sad experience also of trying to teach science to superiors who were sure they were right. Lost me one of my 1st jobs. Taught me being self employed was better. Not long ago I had a uniformed city fire inspector try and tell me there was a risk of CO poisoning if the pilot light on the range went out. I gently informed her if there’s no combustion there’s no CO. It seemed a new concept to her, I wonder where they told her CO came from in her training.




When people trot that one out, my go to is “Living organisms are not closed systems. If you’d like to test this, you can make yourself a first order approximation of a closed system by tying a plastic bag over your head, and test how long you continue to be a living organism.”


Is there a country where this doesn’t happen? I hear some even claim they have a Manifest Destiny.


Clueless schmuck was probably attempting to repeat a statement to the effect that a brain has more possible states than there are atoms in the universe… What a shit teacher, not to cop it on the chin.


A little off-topic, but I had a High school science teacher who had a small terra-cotta flower pot on his desk. He asked me, “do you want a little pot?” He was an ex-marine and I presumed he was fishing… it was 1968.


My partner has a degree in philosophy and was hired by Google, but it was indeed relevant.

He was working in ethics and technology and was hired on to a policy team. His work in logic has also proven useful.


Awesome, I’m glad to be proven wrong about that!


Yes, Japanese are averse to thinking of Japan as part of Asia for various reasons. I never succeeded with that, perhaps it is seen more as a Pacific country (no pun intended). I don’t think most people distinguish continent from a Japan sized landmass either but whatever. It is intersected by 3 plates but that’s another kettle of fish.


Now that this so-called professor is unemployed, there’s an air of electric anticipation as to how soon a job offer from the Trump White House will be received.


teachers come from all walks of life as do commercial success ratings


You’d think that anyone who went on to a career in academia would, at some point, have been the kind of child who received at least one book of Pleasing Facts For Pedantic Children from a well-meaning relative at some point, then actually read the damn thing.


Trump should have picked this man to be his Secretary of State. It’s still not too late to fire Tillerson.


for added confusion, try and figure out what Westminster Abbey really is.


While I agree with the sentiment, SNHU is a non-profit institution and they are expanding into science programs. They recently bought/rescued Daniel Webster College and adopted the engineering and aeronautical programs. It is odd for me to travel to another part of the country or world and see ads for the schooling my backyard.

Note I do not work, for nor do I attend SNHU.


Nope it’s in New Haven, Connecticut.:wink:


I tend to agree. SNHU has a different approach than the for-profit schools, and they try to fill a different niche. They’re no Harvard, but they’re also no Porter and Chester.


It’s the Commonwealth of Nations these days, not the British Commonwealth.

And Australia and Canada are no longer dominions; they are fully independent, fully sovereign states. They cut their last vestigial dependence on the UK in the 1980s when the Canada Act (1982) and Australia Act (1986) removed the UK’s nominal power to legislate for them, and, in the case of Canada, patriated its constitution, which until then had been an act of the British Parliament (the British North America Act 1867).


But by that logic, Madagascar isn’t part of Africa, which doesn’t sound right.


The prof. should have just replied “FAKE NEWS!” and been done with it…