Profile of Anthony Papa, the only person to have received clemency and a pardon in New York state

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Ah, the DEA, criminalizing poverty one fatherless child at a time.

Of course the agents pestilent thugs that broke the law against entrapment won’t get so much as a slap on the wrist.


I don’t think it was determined by any court that Papa had been entrapped and therefore had to be freed on that basis. Papa was freed by a state pardon, and that due to the harshness of the sentence.

This from Papa’s wiki page:

“According to the Huffington Post the pardon represented a vindication for him and a public proclamation that the punishment he received was inappropriate for the non violent drug crime he committed.”

This doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with you as far as the agents being thugs (IMO they certainly were) and that they had entrapped Papa. My big question is this: Why did they target him, specifically?



That definitely crossed my mind! But you got me thinking more about this. I’m wondering now if Papa’s bowling team member got him involved as part of some deal between he (the team member) and the cops, maybe in order to avoid his own arrest (on drug charges) by offering up a courier (Papa, effectively a patsy) to the cops. If THIS were the case, then it would be the team member who entrapped Papa…not the cops who could have believed that Papa really was a genuine courier.


Well, then the friend would be acting as an agent on behalf of the constabulary, making the thing entrapment still.


I’m no lawyer (although I portray one on TV :slight_smile:) but I wouldn’t think that the cops, if they in good faith believed that they were being served up a courier (one who had NOT been set up by the team member), would be guilty of entrapment.

I welcome all those with criminal law backgrounds to jump in here… because I want to know!


By having an agent of the constabulary handing off the drugs to an unwitting courier, to be delivered to more cops, they have created the crime for which Anthony was arrested for, rather than catching him committing a crime that had not been staged by the police.

This is illegal for many reasons: Anyone accidentally involved would be culpable when this would not be the case had the police not set up the crime taking place; Fabricating a crime for someone to commit, beyond being unethical, is not the police’s job. It’s also too damn close to just fabricating evidence.


I think I’ll contact my attorney Bernie on this.

:wink: Great lyrics.


I was thinking more of this one:


Rabelais: Gargantua and Pantagruel, Book 5 Chapter 14: How the furred Law-Cats live on Corruption.


Jimmy Smites still looks hot.

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We should be ending the war on drug, emptying the prisons of non-violent drug offenders, decriminalizing drugs, closing prisons, laying off the entire DEA, laying off large sections of law enforcement, closing the drug courts, removing judges from the bench, fully funding the medical system for treatment and education.

Instead we have president dumb ass and the party of dumb ass doubling down the war on drug because they are white neo nazi scumbags who can stand to be equal with a black man.

Perhaps it’s time to constitutionally separate this union and send these pieces of shit conservatives to the their retarded hell hole, the southern states. I want a divorce!

Who did Jimmy smite?

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