Prosecutor convenes grand jury to hear Trump evidence

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I have something a bit different in mind.


Woah! Teddy Ruxpin got thrown in the slammer? Was it for dealing meth? I knew that bear was bad news…


That’s in the UK. No right to bear arms.


Agreed that hard time is most unlikely. Rather more likely:

  • Plea guilty to a felony in return for token sentence. Makes running for office in a lot of States iffy.
  • Outing a huge amount of evidence that can be used in civil suits all over the world. $$$$
  • Some – unquantifiable at present – harm to his “successful businessman” cover.
  • Possible bankruptcy
  • ???

Teddy Ruxpin? Jeez - that pic is not a pic of a mere toy!

That’s a real bear - Paddington!


More damage to the Trump brand is fine with me.


But wasn’t it something like this that put Al Capone away? :crossed_fingers:


I think it’s foolish to have faith that establishment dinosaurs like these will nail Trump. They don’t really care; they’re not in it with that in mind.

Calling a grand jury is just as a show trial, purely performative. Got it. Uh, is Letitia James an “establishment dinosaur” also?

This is first of many. As a complex financial crime, it will take 1-2 years. But the campaign finance crime that Michael Cohen went to prison for… that’s the one for which DJT will certainly be wearing a fresh orange jumpsuit within 18 months.

In any case, it’s time for:



That’s Padington Bear? WTF? Padington in stripes is like Mother Theresa as Street Fighter’s final boss: just too incongruous to be true!

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Which states, and for what offices? The qualifications for running for President are outlined in the US Constitution. Can states make further restrictions? And if they can, don’t you think that red states would immediately change any laws they have in order to allow Orange Jesus to run for whatever office he wants?

First Google result for “Can a felon run for President?”.
The answer: yes.
In a sane world a convicted felon would lose and so not even try, but we are not in a sane world, so I would expect him to run from inside a jail cell in the unlikely event he ends up in one.

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Yes, that’s why I asked my question. The googles I found say that a convicted felon can run. It’s also true, though, that states have a great deal of say regarding who can and cannot appear on a ballot.

In a sane world, IMNSHO, a convicted felon who had served out hir term could run. And vote. Debt to society paid? Rejoin, please! But as you point out, we are not in a sane world.



The hardcore QAnon GOP base will never leave his side. But the more uncomfortable his presence becomes for the rest of the party, the more moderates will be scared away from the GOP, the better it is for the political situation in the US. (I hope.)

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It’s from Paddington 2 - due to an unfortunate series of events (as per all Paddington adventures) he ends up in prison for a while.


Paddington got off lightly

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This must be from Paddington 2, which people have told me is an incredibly strange movie (in a good way).

Priti Patel is showing no mercy towards immigrants into the UK.


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