Prostitution "massage" parlor busted after condom-clogged drainpipe found


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Condom-clogged sewer pipe leads police to massage parlor

Clue No. 1


Juan Wang and her husband Joseph Emery

So more than just Juan Wang was involved?


Alternate headline: Police Grab Wang in Massage Parlor


They were just doing a lot of underwater recording, and needed to waterproof a bunch of microphones. It’s the latest trend in massage. Yeah.

If I ever need to dispose of a pile of condoms, that’s going to be my excuse.


You mean that’s condom sense.


The butler ‘did it’ in the back room with the drain-pipe.


reason #109876252 why i don’t ever want to be a sewer worker.


I think they were just focused on taking care of the wrong set of pipes, if you know what I mean.


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