Protesters should get sedition charges, AG Bill Barr told federal prosecutors

In the last 4 years I’ve come to realize that while we Americans have always assumed there were checks and balances in place to prevent gross abuse of power, the reality is that no one had ever attempted to subvert those checks and balances (at least not this egregiously). Now that they have it’s very clear that those checks and balances are all theory and no teeth.


Because the Senate would just quash it, like the quashed Trump’s? Or Democrats are being cowards? Or we’re in the stupidest of timelines?

I dunno… much like the man he actual represents, he’s obviously unfit for office, though.


A largely honor based system is going to break when run by those with no honor.


Just another Brick in the Wall…

The ONLY check at this point is a vote overwhelming enough to overcome the (many) shenanigans they are attempting & planning. We will need to fight tooth and nail for both an overwhelming result and then to make sure it sticks. All other institutions so far have failed. The ballot box is the last hope here.

Everyone: donate, do get-out-the-vote efforts, plan to join peaceful protests in the extremely likely event of Trump contesting a Biden win or trying to stop vote counting. Do not let up, no matter what the polls or pundits are saying.


Amazing, Mr. Barr. Protesters are saying YOU should get sedition charges.


The phrase “Unclear on the concept” seems to be popping into my head with alarming frequency these days, you know?

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These sound like… Trumped up charges.


Yeah, but also, right now, they’re all making money directly off of their father being president. E.g. government business that Trump is channeling into their hotels, the book and appearances that Don jr. made about… his father being president. Plus, his sister and brother in law are directly using their White House jobs to gather information and make contacts with foreign leaders that they’re corruptly turning into business opportunities. They’re openly doing the things that they’re vaguely implying that the Bidens were doing (for which there’s zero evidence).


One theory I’ve seen floated around over the past few months is that Trump along with Barr, DeJoy and others are trying to fuck up the election process to the point where if Trump loses, he can claim the results are illegitimate making SCOTUS set aside the election results and require that the House decides the election. This may sound great given the D majority in the House, but it would actually guarantee a Trump win because of how this voting works where it’s up to states’ congress to decide, and a majority of states have a Republican majority here. (Further proof that local elections matter.) Oh, and if the House ties 25/25, the tie is broken in the Senate, and if the Senate ties 50/50, Mike Pence gets to decide.

Some real banana republic-level bullshit if any of this happens, and sadly something completely plausible given the current administration.

Trump actually telegraphed this strategy just yesterday when he opined how Congress may end up deciding the election.

Explainer for how Trump can steal the election through the 12th Amendment


God damn that 12th amendment is hard to follow.

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I know, right? I like The Illustrated Guide to Law’s take on this:


With so many of the amendments being so succinct, the verbosity of this one is incredible.

Meanwhile, the Second Amendment is a measly single sentence that has somehow become the siren song for the right.


Sure, you can bring sedition charges against anyone you want, but in court it would be a lot easier to prove sedition against any of these white supremacists and boogaloo extremists, who openly talk with glee about a civil war, than against a protestor who strikes back in anger and desperation when cops shoot rubber bullets.

“We protest peacefully, they shoot rubber bullets. We wear helmets, they use tear gas. We bring gas masks, they aim stun grenades at our heads. We try to leave, they kettle us to keep us from leaving.”


Depends on who appointed the judge.


Still a jury trial.

I seem to remember an old saying about there being a box after the ballot box.

Remember that Lord Dampnut considers all who oppose him to be TRAITORS, & has made no bones about what his solution for them will be. Consider also, that if/when the machinations for him to remain in office succeed, he will be totally unfettered to do whatever the fsck he wants.
Trifles such as rules, laws, or the Constitution mean nothing to him now; there is no reason to suppose they will mean anything to him in the future.

So, yes, of course, donate, volunteer, vote, etc.
But don’t think that’s going to be the end of it. Looks to me like Barr is setting up protesters to be DISAPPEARED.


IIRC it was Joe Stalin who said, “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.” When the opposition are labeled traitors, why count their votes?

The US experiment with democracy has failed. Expect shitstorms.


There will be a popular vote landslide in this one just like the last one. It Does Not Matter!
And now my people want a new type of voting. Rank tiered? W T holy F?

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