Protesters should get sedition charges, AG Bill Barr told federal prosecutors

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Holy authoritarian fascists, Batman!


Impeach Bill Barr now.


I’m genuinely wondering why official impeachment procedures haven’t started already.


They’re busy laying the groundwork for a second term. Vote!


Yeah, Charles I tried to pull this “opposing the King is treason” bullshit too.


Exactly. Add this to the pile of reasons for far left who really don’t like Biden to still vote for him. If trump is re-elected this will only ramp up. If Biden is elected it’ll go away, even cases already in progress. There’s no way between now and January that a case can get filed, prosecuted, and adjudicated between now and then.




It’s a good things never backfire, right?


I saw this Barr quote, and I thought it was a joke rather than an actual quote:

“You know liberals project,” Barr said. "All this bulls— about how the president is going to stay in office and seize power? I’ve never heard of any of that crap. I mean, I’m the attorney general. I would think I would have heard about it. They are projecting. They are creating an incendiary situation where there will be loss of confidence in the vote.

“Someone will say the president just won Nevada. ‘Oh, wait a minute! We just discovered 100,000 ballots! Every vote will be counted!’ Yeah, but we don’t know where these freaking votes came from,” Barr said.

The projection is so strong, he’s accusing Democrats of projecting… the things the president is saying in public, attributing to Democrats the things the Republicans are actually doing. The Democrats are trying to create a loss of confidence in the vote?! Jesus, the balls required to claim that. The authoritarianism is going hand-in-hand with the weirdest fucking gaslighting.


Just wait 'til they find out that Biden refuses to release his tax records, and never did anything when informed that Russia had put a bounty on American soldiers. Hell, Biden even claimed that COVID would just disappear like it never existed!


Because the Democrats know what would happen. The Republican Senate would announce it was working with Barr. Two Scoops would hand out cash to Greedy Old Plutocrat Senators in public. There would be no evidence presented, no witnesses called. The “trial” would be a campaign rally.


I think if they start now, it won’t even get to the senate until after the election and it might even distract Barr from whatever he has planned with regard to voter suppression etc. If Biden wins it wouldn’t hurt the senators politically and there might be a few Republicans who would like to show that they disapprove of the justice department being used as a political tool of the president, rather than as a law-enforcement body. If Trump wins and the Senate flips, the house could just table it until next term.

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I’ve got a new meta-tag going: Insurrection

Either revolt by elements of the population, or refusal to step down by members of the government who have been voted out of office, with support from armed mobs. (That description is in the pipeline. Quibble on the terms. It’s not really a coup, or a revolution.)


I want that heat ray they wanted turned on protestors pointed at the entire administration, lined up, in chains, and read the constitution instead of Miranda rights right before that after they illegally try to subvert the election when they lose, and encourage their supporters to riot.

I’m sick of tolerating these asswipes.


I mean, that’s no stranger than what they’ve said. Don junior, talking about Biden’s son, unironically complained about what would happen if he were to dare to make money off his father’s name. He seemed honestly unaware he was describing his entire life (not to mention the last few years). The Republicans continuously blame a “Biden presidency” for things happening right now. Trump recently attacked Biden for not putting into effect the national mask mandate that Biden was calling for, apparently working under the belief that Biden holds some sort of high office at the moment. Trump keeps accusing Biden of being mentally unfit. It’s… strange and actually highly consistent - there’s tons of examples. In fact, I think at one point Trump did, in fact, accuse Biden of having downplayed the virus earlier…


Fascism creeps in slowly at first, corroding democratic norms little by little. And then there comes a breaking point and, all of a sudden, it’s too late to stop. The next thing you know, men with guns and no identifying markings are rounding up dissenters to be sent “somewhere.” It’s not clear if these people are actually government employees, but there is no doubt that they are carrying out the will of the Leader, and so actual law enforcement leaves them alone. As the instruments of law enforcement turn toward political crimes, these brown shirts are allowed to do anything; there is looting and rape that does not exist according to the official story, which soon becomes the only story as journalists not friendly to the regime are targeted. Within weeks, personal freedoms are a thing of the past and one’s position in society rapidly shifts based on how friendly one has been to the regime up until that point, with loyalty taking precedence over things like skills or experience.


As long as the charges are federal Biden can always pardon anyone convicted after the election.

Trump’s sons work for the family business, and they probably honestly believe that they have earned their jobs for reasons other than being the boss’s son.


I’ll often use a /s tag when I’m being sarcastic. This time, though, I was like… eh, overtly goofy examples I guess, but not really sarcasm.

Your examples are much better though, having happened.


The Dems are counting on the election at this point because they know the senate won’t vote to remove Trump or any of his lackeys. Plus, any impeachment proceedings would be slow as molasses given everyone is out campaigning for re-election and it would be hard to schedule hearings.

But if the dems win the presidency and the senate, they better hold long, deep, and thorough public investigations into the criminal activities and Constitutional fuckery of the Trump administration and his grifting buddies.